The Pattern Trapper On-Line Trading Course


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The Pattern Trapper On-Line Trading Course

The Pattern Trapper On-Line Trading Course

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  • Approach Each Trading Day With A Systematic Game Plan
  • Trade Only Those Markets With The Highest Potential Setups
  • Create And Apply The Intraday Indicators Used By The Pros

The Pattern Trapper On-Line Course combines pattern recognition techniques, tape reading skills and a few simple indicators to identify higher probability, lower risk trade set-ups. The course shows users how to create “templates” for interpreting market behavior and spotting opportunity. All trading principles discussed throughout are applicable to any freely-traded liquid market.

The course is intended to be used in conjunction with the FREE! Daily Pattern Trapper Reports for FuturesForexETFs, and Stocks. It consists of 7 chapters detailing the Pattern Trapper trading methodology, each fully illustrated with explanatory charts and graphics. Interactive quizzes are used as a self-check for comprehension, and a final exam to assure that the user is ready to start trading with these higher probability, lower risk methods. Each participant is encouraged to correspond directly with Bob Hunt concerning any questions that may arise before, during, or after participation in this course.


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