The Connors Research Volatility Trading Strategy Summit


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The Connors Research Volatility Trading Strategy Summit

The Connors Research Volatility Trading Strategy Summit

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An Invitation to the Volatility Trading Strategies Summit

Learn How You Can Trade Volatility Successfully at this
Live Five-Hour Special Session with Larry Connors

Do you trade volatility?

Instruments like VIX, VXX and the other rapidly growing volatility products are being traded by professional traders throughout the world. Would you like to learn statistically backed, professional trading strategies to trade these instruments?

Here’s what attendees say about the Volatility Summit hosted in May:“Amazing, cutting edge material presented in a clear, very informative way.”

“There is never any noise/useless information with Larry’s research. Larry is always a wealth of knowledge and excellent communicator.”

“I love the fact that Larry & his team build simple models that show great results. No complicated math or complex indicators. This makes the systems much more robust.”

An Invitation

We’d like to invite you to attend the Connors Research Volatility Trading Strategies Summit hosted by Larry Connors and Connors Research on July 21, 2012. This is an online event that you can attend via your computer and phone.Larry Connors is considered to be one of the foremost experts on volatility trading. Larry published some of the very first VIX research in 1995 and has continued to publish in-depth volatility research for 17 years. His research is used by professional traders, funds, and trading desks worldwide.

At the Connors Research Volatility Trading Strategies Summit you will receive the most comprehensive volatility research and trading strategies available in the market today.

This is what you’ll learn at this special trading summit:

Summit Agenda

1. How to Trade VXX

VXX is the main volatility instrument used by traders — now trading over 40 million shares a day. You will learn specific strategies on how to trade VXX, including the Connors Main VXX Strategy, which has seen simulated returns such as these from 2009 through March 2012:

# of
Days Held
Annual Returns
181 2.6 58.6% 188.2% 64. 3% 72.6% 124.7%

2. How to Trade XIV

XIV is the Inverse of VXX and has become the second most popular Volatility vehicle to trade. You will learn the main XIV strategy which has achieved double-digit annualized returns through March of 2012

3. How to Trade Volatility Pairs

You will learn how to combine VXX and XIV, where you will have a position in volatility each day. Using this approach since Jan 2011 (the first month XIV started) has averaged triple-digit annualized returns up through March 2012.You will also learn how to pairs trade …





Along with …

8. VXX/Special Pair 1

You will learn the full details of this special Long/Short Volatility Pair, which has some of the highest returns and lowest drawdowns of any volatility strategy that we’ve ever published.

# of
Days Held
Annual Returns
328 2.7 62.6% 166.8% 131 .7% 40.4% 130.9% 12.0%

Sharpe Ratio: 6.90

And, if you register for the Day Trading and Options classes (optional), you’ll learn about:

9. Day Trading Volatility

Day Trading VXX can be a lucrative venture. You will learn multiple low-risk day trading strategies to allow you to take advantage of intra-day opportunities almost every trading day. Day Trading Volatility Options is an arena where the opportunities are substantial. You will learn how to identify the best day trading set-ups, the volatility instrument to trade, the exact strike prices, and where and when to enter these options day trades.

10. Options Trading Volatility

Trading Options in volatility is one of the fastest growing areas of options trading because of the opportunities it provides you. You will learn the exact strategies to trade options including long and short calls and puts, along with option spread trading. Signals occur most days so if you are looking for an actively traded options program you will find it here in this seminar.

11. Day Trading Volatility Options

This is another arena where the opportunities are substantial. You will learn how to identify the best day trading setups, the volatility instrument to trade, the exact strike prices, and where and when to enter these options day trades.

Eight Reasons to Attend the Volatility Trading Strategies Summit

  1. No one else has all this information. This gives you a competitive edge over 99% of the other traders out there.
  2. Because so many retail traders are trading volatility (and we believe incorrectly trading volatility) you will find more mispriced opportunities than any place out in the world.
  3. The information is for advanced traders, but it is simple to learn and easy to trade. All attendees will receive a pre-course primer to assure you gain the maximum amount from this summit.
  4. There are no special requirements to trade volatility instruments. If you have a brokerage account these liquid instruments are available to you immediately to trade.
  5. Learn from Larry Connors, who has been researching and writing about volatility and volatility trading for more than 1 1/2 decades. Many professional trading desks, including options trading desks have relied upon Larry’s volatility research for years to assist their volatility trading businesses.
  6. Volatility trading is the next great frontier of trading. Get there early and learn how to lock this market up.
  7. No guessing! Connors Research is known for its data-driven research and you will get the same in this seminar.
  8. This is a live presentation. You will have the opportunity to ask Larry your questions directly.

Who should attend the Volatility Trading Strategies Summit?

  1. Proprietary Traders
  2. Professional Traders
  3. Individual Traders with at least 5 years trading experience
  4. Day Traders
  5. Options Traders
  6. Systematic Traders
  7. Anyone who has a desire to learn how to take advantage of the incredible opportunities volatility trading provides to traders

Connors Research Volatility Trading Strategies Summit
 All attendees will receive online admission to the event, 3 hours of summit training (6-hrs if you sign up for the Day Trading and Options), a Volatility Trading Guidebook, and full disclosure of every strategy.

******One Business Day Course Delivery: For security purposes, course files will be sent to you within one business day via email after your payment is processed.******

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