The 2014 Social Mood Conference


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The 2014 Social Mood Conference

The 2014 Social Mood Conference

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Equip yourself to capitalize on trends – before they happen

The Social Mood Conference is held each April in Atlanta, GA to a packed house. This video allows you to watch the entire 2014 conference on-demand. Just as attendees did, you too come away newly equipped to capitalize on trends and turns months or even years before they happen.

You can watch and re-watch the presentations as often as you want. All the slides and charts from the presenters are available for you to download. Many of the slides are memorable on their own for the power of the story they tell.

The 2014 Social Mood Conference covers an amazing amount of ground. When you see and hear it for yourself, you’ll understand why people keep coming back. Forty percent of the attendees of the 2014 event were joining us for their second, third and even fourth time.


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