Taylor Lane – The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work


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Taylor Lane - The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

Taylor Lane – The No Bullshit Road to Remote Work

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No Bullshit – Just Results! How to Actually Find and Land a Remote Job

The No BS Road To Remote Work is Remote Like Me’s signature course that teaches strategies on how to find remote work, including freelance gigs, full time + part time positions on remote teams, and other types of contract work.

Throughout 7 course modules of videos and worksheets, you’ll learn where to find these opportunities, how to get noticed by remote companies, and how to land the job every time. Each module builds upon the last, creating your focused path to becoming a remote worker.

You can move at your own pace, completing the modules whenever you want to, however there are recommended time lines given.

Say goodbye to the guessing game! This is the action plan you need to finally get that remote job of your dreams.

What’s inside?

The No BS Road to Remote Work is the all-in-one self-paced course that will allow you to go remote from anywhere in the world. Learn from Taylor, who has helped tons of people ditch their office jobs for the remote careers of their dreams!

  • 7 modules of kickass strategies to land your new remote job
  • Exercises for digging deep and finding out which remote career suits you best
  • The famous skill set checklist that helps beginners find out how they can go remote with skills they already have
  • Course workbook filled with fillable PDFs for implementing strategies
  • Video tutorials for how to design a remote resume
  • Mindset advice for how to job search from a place of abundance and avoid desperation, even if you are currently unemployed
  • Mantras that you can use to manifest your dream job
  • Steps to prep for a remote job interview
  • Formula for negotiating your dream salary
  • Instructions for sending video applications
  • Resources for finding remote jobs that go beyond simple job boards
  • Guidelines for using social media to find your remote job
  • Networking challenge + actionable tips to harness the power of your network
  • Finally write a cover letter that you know hiring managers want to read
  • Try all of the tools that you need to succeed as a remote worker, for free

Plus these bonuses

  • Exclusive Facebook Support Group – coming Jan 1st!
  • Receive 1 complimentary Weekly Roundup of remote job opportunities with your course purchase
  • Taylor’s no-excuses-action-plan to go remote on your own terms
  • A backup plan full of trouble shooting tips for when your job search is going off course
  • See Taylor’s example for organizing your job search properly
  • My ACTUAL application and full breakdown of how I got hired remotely with nearly zero experience
  • Hacks and shortcuts to make job searching and applying fun and fast!

Class Curriculum

Before You Begin

  • Introduction (1:40)
  • Celebration (10:47)

What You’ll Need To Succeed (6:21)

Module 1: Discover Your Ideal Remote Role

  • Step One – Imagine (7:08)
  • Step Two – Dig Deep Exercise (3:17)
  • Skill Set Check List (2:59)
  • Step Three – Search (3:20)

Module 2: Find Your Remote Job

  • Step One Job Search (28:59)
  • Step Two – Network (7:18)
  • Step Three – Track Your Search (7:42)
  • Extra Lesson – Find several jobs that align with your desires in a few clicks! (9:38)

Module 3: Apply To Stand Out

  • Step One – Read The Job Description (7:01)
  • Step Two – Design Your Resume (9:50)
  • Customize Your Resume (15:42)
  • Examples of Amazing Resumes (7:45)
  • Step Three – Revise (7:28)
  • Customization Advice
  • Resume Mindset Advice (10:45)
  • Overcome Common Resume Roadblocks

Module 4: Boost Your Application

  • Step One Cover Letter (10:18)
  • Step Two – Video Applications (8:08)
  • How I Got Hired With This Video Application
  • Step Three – Network (AGAIN) (9:37)

Module 5: Ace The Interview

  • Step One Interact (8:31)
  • Step Two – Prepare for the Interview (8:48)
  • Step 3 – Ace The interview (7:04)

Module 6: Negotiate Your Dream Salary

  • Step One Prepare Your Facts (6:41)
  • Step Two – Negotiate Your Salary (9:35)
  • Step Three – Sign A Contract (7:59)

Module 7: Action Plan, Mindset, and Extras

  • Step One Action Plan (10:40)
  • Back Up Plan (16:15)
  • Cold Pitch Companies You Love (11:24)


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