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Samantha Alvarez – Enroll With Ease

Samantha Alvarez – Enroll With Ease

Price: $497


Systemize your business, convert more clients, and finally gain the confidence in yourself and your business with a sales process that actually works.

Finally, A Course That Will Teach You How To Enroll Clients With Ease…So You Never Have to Feel Nervous, Awkward, or Shy Again

Systemize your business, convert more clients, and finally gain the confidence in yourself and your business with a sales process that actually works

Introducing: “Enroll With Ease: The Best Way To Confidently Secure New Coaching Clients

5 Hours of online video course ($499 value)

18 Cheatsheets and Takeaway Tools ($999 value)

1 Proven System for Converting More Clients (PRICELESS)

This course will give you…

  • Proven systems for your enrolling coaching clients so your income can be consistent and abundant
  • Scripts and tips so that you can handle any obstacle or situation that comes up along the way
  • A solid foundation in your service and packages so you can overcome your imposter syndrome and never feel like a fraud again
  • The confidence to own your power so you can spread your gift to the world
  • A better money mindset so you can finally earn what you deserve
  • Increased self-esteem in all areas of your life so you can feel confident and comfortable in your skin
  • A new relationship with sales so you actually get excited about “pitching” instead of dreading it (in fact – you’ll never have to pitch again!)
  • …and much more!

I know those prices seems like a lot, but don’t worry. I’m not one of those scammy internet marketers trying to take advantage of you. I genuinely just want to help as many people as I can. That’s why the course will be going for much less than $1,500.

This is not your typical online course…

This course the most effective online course for perfecting your client enrollment calls. Enroll with Ease is more in-depth, accurate, and actionable than anything out there, so you’ll see results as soon as your next call.

I believe that coaches can change the world. But if you’re struggling with enrollment, you can’t serve the way you were meant to.

That’s why I’ve packed my years of experience and expertise into one actionable and digestible course for YOU.

My system works. But don’t take my word for it… I taught Sami the GROW method in less than 10 minutes and she closed the deal immediately.

“Before I had my first high-end sales call, I was terrified. I have a lot of talents, but sales isn’t one of them. I spoke to Sam just ten minutes before the call and she was able to teach me the basics of her enrollment system. Using her advice, I quadrupled my usual rate and landed the client!”

Are you ready to become another success story?

You can be like Sami. You can approach sales with confidence and excitement. You can exponentially increase your income. You can learn how to enroll with ease.


Here’s exactly what you’ll find inside Enroll With Ease:

Module 1: Introduction
In this section, you’ll learn:
– What exactly client enrollment is so you can learn how to master it
– The three main principles you need for the perfect enrollment conversation so you can have perfect enrollments every time
– How to standardize your packages and offers so you can stop feeling like a fraud in your business and in your sales
– And more!
Module 2: Pre-Qualify
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The importance of pre-qualification and how to do it effectively so both you and your clients feel like it’s a win
– Why you should never have coffee with prospects again
– How to elegantly turn people away (including those friends of yours that ask for steep discounts!) so you are only working with your ideal clients at your ideal price
– And more!
Module 3: Enroll Them In Their Vision
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The simple system that you can use on every call moving forward so you can feel confident and powerful on your enrollment calls
– The one thing you need so you’ll never have to pitch again (yup – you read that right! No more pitches…ever)
– How to take charge in the conversation so you never experience awkward silences, insecurities, or stumbles again
– And more!
Module 4: Money Mindset
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The secret ways you are sabotaging your business and success so you can STOP and finally earn the income you deserve
– The psychology behind buying so you can get your clients to commit to themselves, you and your services in one easy step
– How to shift your mindset around enrollment calls so they become something you actually enjoy
– And more!
Module 5: Get Them To Say “Yes” To The Coaching
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The exact thing to say so your prospects say YES to coaching
– How to ask for money without feeling awkward so you’ll get the compensation you deserve – and you’ll feel good about it.
– The real reason people buy (and it’s not what you think!) so you can create killer packages that they won’t be able to refuse
– And more!
Module 6: Overcoming Objections… Together
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The best ways to respond to objections so you’ll actually celebrate them instead of fear them
– Why objections are rarely actually objections and how you can address their real hesitation
– Word-for-word scripts for the 20 most common objections coaches hear, so you’ll always be prepared
– And more!
Module 7: Get Them To Pay You
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The two-second exercise that will totally change the second half of your coaching calls
– How to set and negotiate prices in a way that feels good for both parties so you never have to wonder if you “left money on the table”
– How to get 100% of your payment upfront so you can finally attain financial freedom
– And more!
Module 8: Set Expectations & Avoid Buyer’s Remorse
In this section, you’ll learn:
– What to say to set expectations so you can prevent buyer’s remorse
– How to honor and celebrate their decision so both of you can feel excited about moving forward
– Why this stage can sometimes be the most difficult so you can prevent any mishaps before the finish line
– And more!
Module 9: Follow-Up
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The one essential ending that every conversation needs (that you’re probably not doing!)
– What to include in your follow up email so it is effective and actionable
– How to move forward with those that are ready to move forward and those that aren’t (yet) so you can turn the latter into the former
– And more!
Module 10: Final Review
In this section, you’ll learn:
– The most important takeaways from the course so you can enroll with knowledge, confidence, and power
– How to transfer this knowledge into actionable steps so you can get the most out of this course
– That you can now enroll with ease whenever you want!
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