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RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint 2.0

RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint 2.0

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Bonus #1: Access to Private Facebook & Telegram Groups

The SCB 2.0 Facebook and Telegram groups are exclusive and secret to only those who come on board the program. Get plugged into a bad-ass network of wingmen that are all implementing Social Circle Game AROUND THE GLOBE.

Bonus #2: A “Raw Cut” Training Session From My Upcoming Sex Infield Course RSD Teach Sex… The subject of this session? How To Dominate In The Bedroom

This is something RSD has NEVER DONE. My upcoming digital course, RSD Teach Sex, is currently in post-production and I hijacked this raw footage to bring to you! Inside SCB2.0 you will have access to 4 TOTAL RSD Teach Sex sessions. Watch and learn as porn stars and I teach you: what turns a girl on, how to tease, waves of arousal, step-by-step how to escalate, how to build sexual tension, how to make a girl cum with a vibrator, etc… These girls have sex FOR A LIVING and they are going to demonstrate for you how to pleasure a girl (on each other.)

Bonus #3: Special Bonus Vid: Same Night Lays

This special bonus will go over one thing… how to meet a girl and hook up with her that same night.

Bonus #4: Live Social Media Training Sweepstakes

25 guys from the SCB 2.0 Platinum members pool will link up with Luke and his crew in Los Angeles! This special Social Media Workshop will supercharge your social media game and turn your phone into a date-getting MACHINE.(Event December 2018)

Bonus #5: Free Trip To Cabo with Luke & Friends

25 guys from the SCB 2.0 Platinum members pool to link up with Luke and his crew in Cabo! Stay with Luke in a Villa and RAGE Cabo together! (Airfare not included. Must submit success story to enter. Offer ends September 30th.)

I want to introduce you to…

A Modern System To Rig The Dating Game & Get You
The Abundant Sex Life You Are After

I didn’t set out to be the world’s go-to expert on seducing beautiful women by building social circles… it happened out of necessity…

For the past decade, I have been helping thousands of men across the world build their social lifestyle to attract stunning women.

My unique coaching style first provides a framework to systematize your social life and then instills in you the social skills and intelligence to foster lasting connections with those that will accelerate your success with women and with LIFE.

It started in my early 20’s, like all red-blooded american boys, all I really thought about was hot girls…

… and by ACCIDENT I DISCOVERED that meeting girls through social circle was 10X more powerful than approaching her cold…

Here’s the backstory…

Before I got into social circle game and before RSD, I was a cold approach instructor. I taught hundreds of Bootcamps, slogging it out in the field every weekend for nearly 5 years.

I got instructor level good really fast, but I noticed that there was a “glass ceiling” of cold approach… every time my students or I would game in high-status areas, we couldn’t get results with the highest quality girls that were at tables.

None of the “GAME” that we were running would work. It was almost like they didn’t even consider us as an option…

Life is good when you are on the inside… here are the perks…

  • You get ushered into the club and greeted with a smile…
  • You get to hang out in the comfy, high-status areas
  • You get the opportunity to meet those untouchable girls…
  • You get sold out event tickets… FOR FREE (because your friend knows a guy)…
  • Business deals fall in your lap…
  • Your phone buzzes off the charger with texts to go to exclusive parties and events…
  • You get to fly in private jets…
  • You get to mingle with celebrities and other backstage pass holders…

HERE’S THE PROBLEM… The gatekeepers to the “in crowd” are tough as hell. They rarely grant access to an outsider…

  • The bouncers don’t want another dude in the club…
  • The high-status guys don’t want some rando at their table taking to their girls…
  • The bitchy friend doesn’t want you taking home her sidekick…
  • The baller millionaire doesn’t want another freeloader acquaintance…

And solving that problem is what I became obsessed with a decade ago.

I saw the men that were getting the girls I wanted and living the life I wanted and I made it my mission to discover the tools, tactics, mindsets and strategies to hack the social landscape and become an insider.

I recognized that if I wanted to play in the MAJOR LEAGUES of GAME and go after the highest quality girls… I needed to get STRATEGIC, and I needed to SMASH THROUGH the barriers that the gatekeepers were throwing in front of me…

Like most guys that get into success with women, I am a natural introvert…

When I left Wisconsin after High School and moved to Chicago to start a coding career, I was awkward at making guy friends and meeting women… everything you see from me today, either online or in a nightclub is learned gregariousness.

I remember feeling like I was entering the prime sexual years of my life and that I should be getting the girls I wanted, and having the time of my life… but I was lost…

I remember thinking…

  • How do I meet guys to go out with?
  • Do I go out alone to bars and just ask girls to go on a date?
  • Do I take girls on expensive dinners?

I paid absurd cover charges to go to high end venues, just to look at all the stunning girls barricaded in the VIP sections…

I had this primal drive to get these girls, but had ZERO idea how to do it…

Through this haze of confusion… I saw a shining light…

My boss had a gorgeous girlfriend that was exactly my type… so one day, I asked him a simple one-worded question… “How?”

He introduced me to The Game by Neil Strauss and that gave me the roadmap. From then on, I became obsessed with studying and modeling the successful people I was meeting… and I realized the truisms I had heard all my life were hyper-true…


You ARE the average of your 5 closest friends…

It IS all “who you know”…

Soon After I Started Actively Networking And Cultivating A Nightlife Focused Social Circle, Filled With Cocktail Waitresses, Bouncers, Bartenders and Promoters, My Success Skyrocketed…

I was shocked at how easy the game became once I was on the inside.

As soon as my students saw the perks I was receiving at our favorite clubs (skipping the line, getting free tables, access to exclusive areas), they started grilling me on how I did it…

They started asking for strategies for getting in exclusive venues, befriending bouncers, gaming cocktail waitresses, joining VIP tables, etc…

That is when it hit me, and I decided to radically change my approach to coaching the game.

It took me years of trial and error. I tested and tweaked constantly. I researched psychology and optimized my tactics. I analyzed the success of myself, my high-status friends and of my students…

Piece by piece, brick by brick, I put together a POWERFUL and MODERN BLUEPRINT for success in the dating game…

The Social Circle Blueprint 2.0…

You might have noticed I skipped over SCB1.0… you can think of 1.0 as a collection of my best foundational content…

… and 2.0 is where we take those foundational skills and PUT THEM INTO ACTION within an advanced step-by-step framework (leading you from where you are at now, down a precise path to cultivate the EXACT social lifestyle you want.)

Here’s A Breakdown Of Every Section Inside SCB 2.0 Platinum (And How They Will Work Synergistically To Produce RESULTS In Your Sex Life)


A quick intro module to introduce you to the structure of the program and get you amped up for the mayhem to come…

(2 SESSIONS: Intro & Your 30 Day Challenge)


Once you begin your Social Circle journey, your results can start to accelerate much faster than your inner game… with this first module, I need to rewire the jumbled mess that is your current mindset so that you will be able to operate effectively in new high-pressure situations.

(13 SESSIONS INCLUDING: Social Media Extension, Infield Breakdown & Action Plan)


To be fulfilled in life you MUST deeply grasp this idea: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” In module 2 we will define every vital aspect of your life so you have a crytstal clear vision of success. This defined goal will motivate and inspire you to KEEP PUSHING!

(15 SESSIONS INCLUDING: Logistics, Social Media Extension, Infield Breakdown & Action Plan)


The training in module 3 is a masterclass in practical psychology. The tips, hacks, strategies, mindsets, and tactics that you will discover in this module will instantly level the quality of girl you are dating and give you a dangerous set of new weapons for your social influence arsenal (use them for good!)

(15 SESSIONS INCLUDING: Accessing Venues Parts 1 & 2, Table Game, Photography Game, Social Media Extension, Infield Breakdown & Action Plan)


Now that we have gone through the first half of the course, we can get down to business and I can teach you how to dominate your environment (the club, the table, the event, the party) so everything becomes easier and the sex becomes automatic.

(15 SESSIONS INCLUDING: Building Pre-Selection, Building Social Social Proof, Cold-Approach, Wingmen, Infield Breakdown & Action Plan)


In this final core module, you will learn how to close from your environment. I’ll show you how to focus on the group and NOT isolate, how to pull with plausible deniability and ultimately how to spark INTENSE sexual desire and satisfaction in the girls you take home (this will keep them coming back again… and again… and again…)

(15 SESSIONS INCLUDING: Pulling From High-Value Areas, The Pleasure Bubble, 3 “Raw Cut” RSD Teach Sex Training Sessions, Infield Breakdown & Action Plan)


In SCB 2.0 I really want to pull back the curtain and give you an all-access pass to my life. With these 8 interviews, I will introduce you to my wingmen, business partners and friends so you can get their insights on pickup, lifestyle design, business, social circles and dating. Absorb their high-status mindsets and you will be CATAPULTED toward success.



  1. Access to Private Facebook & Telegram Groups
  2. A “Raw Cut” Training Session From My Upcoming Sex Infield Course: RSD Teach Sex
  3. Special Bonus Vid: Same Night Lays
  4. Free Trip To Los Angeles For Social Media Workshop
  5. Free Trip To Cabo with Luke & Friends


  1. The Social Circle Blueprint 1.0: 12 Hours of Core Content
  2. Vegas Immersion Inside Scoop
  3. Luke & Max Hawaii Session
  4. The Ultimate Attraction Building Sequence
  5. Increase Consistency Session
  6. Hot Seat Infield Breakdown #1 “Breaking Rapport”
  7. Hot Seat Infield Breakdown #2 “Tandem Game”
  8. Luke & Jeffy Table Game Deep Dive
  9. Immersion Bonus Training Sessions #1 & #2
  10. One Night Of Live Training At RSD Vegas Immersion!

With The Social Circle Blueprint 2.0, your life can change very dramatically, very rapidly… IN THESE WAYS…

  • Get Hotter Girls – Ever been rejected by your perfect 10… ridiculed by groups of top-tier babes who disliked your approach… or received the “what a creep” look from girls at high-end VIP tables? SCB 2.0 will teach you the DO’s and DON’T’s of picking up absolute STUNNERS without the burden of ruining your social image EVER AGAIN.
  • Get More Girls – Remember when you discovered pickup and dreamed of having your own HAREM?? With SCB2.0 you will acquire and an ENTIRE library of women to choose from. If one flakes on you… you won’t think twice about moving onto the next.
  • Access To Exclusive Parties – You’ve seen my Instagram stories. You KNOW these are places you want to be. The knock-out gorgeous women, the exclusivity of the environment, the classiness of it all. Now YOU can have that too! I’ll teach you how to get access to the BEST and most PREMIER parties in town. Maxim and Babes In Toyland are only scratching the surface!
  • Access To “Off-Limits” Girls – Discover what master pickup artists don’t tell you about dealing with bouncers. You know, the bulky football player-sized bros that COCKBLOCK low-status guys from flirting with the hottest girls at the club. SCB 2.0 will show you bouncer game. You’ll be able to get past their velvet ropes, Ocean’s 11 style, and be welcomed into the VIP with open arms.
  • Business Connections – As the cliché goes “your network equals your net worth”. Imagine how your life would improve by having the right business MENTORS. Think of how much TIME and ENERGY you’d save by learning from the people that already paved the way.
  • Save Money – By Never Having To Pay Club Entry – Imagine rolling up to a club with your crew, skipping the line, plopping down at your table and attracting every girl in sight like you have a state-of-the-art seduction magnet…
  • Make Money – All the SCB2.0 training will help you in the business world. Easy-to-implement influence tactics will help you negotiate that raise! These astoundingly effectively techniques are well-used by smart businessmen… but ignored by 99% of those who have the employee mindset!
  • Save Time – Get my foolproof “triangle pattern” strategy to maximize your valuable time at every nightclub you attend and boost your close rate by 50% or more. No, it doesn’t involve “machine gun” approaching the entire venue (that often ends up destroying your night more than you think.)
  • Save Effort – Get my PROVEN system for funneling stunning women into your life. (How to quickly turn your spare time into baller social events… attracting gorgeous girls and quality socialites!)
  • Exotic Vacations – Come party with ME and my elite social circle in CABO. You’ll get to stay at a private Villa, with a private chef, and with a view so great, it will spark mass FOMO in all your friends back home. This is the biggest social media pump you’ll ever need to attract an avalanche of girls into your world.
  • Exotic Car Rentals – I don’t even like fancy cars that much, but I always end up in ’em. By using “value arbitrage” and solving “primary driver emotions” I will teach you to connect with businesses and get freebies.
  • Increased Confidence – Learn how to sell yourself! (Yes, these over-the-top charisma secrets will change every aspect of your life, no matter what you need – be it love, money, respect or a fresh new start at life.)
  • Evaporate Her “LMR” – She will be tearing your clothes off like she just hopped into bed with G-Eazy. Discover how to hit ALL of her “long overdue” hot buttons… at the exact right moment. (And finally, explore NEW spots of primal lust she never knew she had.)
  • Kickstart Life Momentum – “Waiting” for inspiration to fix your life? Sorry. It ain’t coming. With SCB 2.0, there is no room for clawing around in the dark, wondering, how do I build it? Take full control of these social status perks to jumpstart your success into a vortex of never-ending friends, girls, money, and fun toys.
  • Get That Threesome!! – Have you ever had one? You DO NOT want to go to your grave without checking that off your bucket list. Social Circle game is bar-none the BEST way to orchestrate a threeway.
  • Make High-Status Guy Friends – Discover the list of places to NEVER go if you want to make high-status guy friends (it’s practically shooting yourself in the foot). I’ll give you the step-by-step game plan to forge lasting bonds with high-status social allies.
  • Expert & Committed Community Membership – You get a hot girl’s number and she invites you to a house party… Before you have a chance to prove you are cool, you mess up by texting her something stupid. If there was only a way to discuss your questions with an expert community of gamers to avoid situations like these… there is! SCB 2.0 will provide that niche community for you (bounce ideas off us, make connections, host parties together, share text game tips, field reports, and more…)
  • A Simple Step-By-Step Framework To Follow – Move like lightning through the stages of social circle mastery: From “no clue at all” to “this is easy” in just a few short weeks… and then on through “impress all your friends to the point you scare them”, straight to “lord of the club”. (You’ll be stacking bottles in the VIP section in no time.)
  • Come Into Your Power As A Man – You will develop an intense drive and purpose for your new life. You will project your value outward and connect with those that you want to align with. Your peers will never again doubt your decisions.
  • Friends All Over The World – Build an insane social circle and then use it as an “excuse” to travel overseas, have fun, visit new places, and pick up foreign girls together. Link up with your international friends for a gamer tour guide and a place to crash. If you love to travel, this certainly will help scratch that NEED and make it easier to accomplish.
  • Experience Camaraderie – BUILD A TON OF FRIENDSHIPS AND CONNECTIONS without fatigue! Luke’s social circle events will effortlessly triple the number of friends you can make in DAY.
  • Cultivate A Brotherhood – BETTER THAN WINGMEN! Sure, your average wing can help you scoop up random meh-looking girls at your local bar… but it’s another whole new experience when you have an army of men (brotherhood) who know your exact taste and type of girl… and have them actively searching for girls who meet that criteria and are eagerly wanting to throw these girls at you!
  • Spark Up Your Status With Social Proof – The secret attraction triggers of “social proof” revealed! This is the natural way you can have girls approach, desire, and talk to you in matter of seconds in any environment. Develop that effortless and carefree aura of attraction you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Amplify Your Attraction With Pre-Selection – Get ready to think twice! SCB 2.0 reveals the reason why social circle game will dominate the industry in the near future. Hint: pre-selection over EVERYTHING…
  • Deep Understanding of Female Psychology – Get a quickie “Idiot’s Guide” to female psychology. (Instantly understand exactly what makes her tick… and cultivate the high-status behaviors that will trigger stalker-level desire.)
  • Annihilate Procrastination – You’ll find that the simplest and most effective way to do this is by meeting other action takers who share the same journey as you. Lock-arms and let the combining power of everyone do the work for all of you.
  • Finally Play In The “Major Leagues” Of Game – Once you understand how every woman has slightly different “status triggers” (which you can easily discover with a few questions)… you can instantly reframe the interaction to get HER CHASING YOU like a lost puppy.
  • Cultivate Off-The-Charts Social Value – Your newfound confidence and charisma will attract a mob of new friends that will want to be your wingmen. Take them under your wing and show them this powerful new way to game… after you get them laid a few times, they will be your loyal buddy FOR LIFE.

This is your opportunity to be the CREATOR of YOUR STORY, and not the dude listening to it. It’s time to make memories that would make the ghost of Hugh Hefner shed a tear…

Oh, and If the core content of SCB2.0 isn’t enough…

I’ll also add 5 exclusive bonuses (a $3,688 value) FOR FREE!

Bonus #1: Access to Private SCB2.0 Facebook & Telegram Groups (PRICELESS, yours FREE)

Bonus #2: 3 “Raw Cut” Training Sessions From My Upcoming Sex Infield Course: RSD Teach Sex ($197 value, yours FREE)

Bonus #3: Special Bonus Vid: Same Night Lays ($197 value, yours FREE)

Bonus #4: Free Trip To Los Angeles For Social Media Workshop ($297 value, yours FREE)

Bonus #5: Free Trip To Cabo with Luke & Friends ($2,997 value, yours FREE)


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