Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson – The 2018 Client-Getting Bot Blueprint


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Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson - The 2018 Client-Getting Bot Blueprint

Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson – The 2018 Client-Getting Bot Blueprint

Business Consultant Academy

Price: $299
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Client-Getting Method Level:
So Easy It’s Almost Cheating

“Hands down, the absolute latest messenger bot methods that are working to get clients fast RIGHT NOW…”

It’s time to get off the client-getting hamster wheel…

And start turning $10 bills into $100 bills over and over and over again…

Insanely fast client-getting results


NO Fluff

Don’t miss your one chance to be taught what is working RIGHT NOW in messenger bot client-getting techniques.


Essential Training

We start off by revealing the exact methodology to making messenger bots work for you…

Both to get clients AND to get customers for your clients.

This is your insurance policy to make sure you don’t have to learn the hard way.

The Mile-High overview of the The 2018 Client-Getting Bot Blueprint methodology

We go over the Tools used for success and exactly how to use those tools to put together a winning messenger bot campaign easier, faster, cheaper, and more effective than you’ve ever seen.

Often in less than an hour…


Client-Getting Messenger Bots

In Volume 2, we dive right into it by going through the ins and outs of building deadly effective client-getting messenger bots.

We go through the entire process…including creating irresistable ads and bulletproof targeting for quick results.

FB messenger bots are incredibly effective for getting clients because it allows them to interact not only with your bot, but it also showcases the efficacy of the bot in “real time.”

So it’s much like them taking a “test drive” of your bot service…

This is immensely powerful. So by the time they contact you in one of the multiple ways that we’ll teach you to close them, they already know they want the service. You simply answer any questions they may have and take the order.


Closing Messenger Bot Clients

Now that we’ve seen the efficacy of the client-getting messenger bots and we’re ready to go, we go into the process of closing those clients.

The beauty of using messenger bots to get your clients is that they were able to “test drive” the bots beforehand…

So the “close” is much, MUCH easier than anything you’ve seen. And if that’s not enough, there’s several ways we’re teaching you to do it.

All of them work flawlessly. All of them are effective. All of them are easy to implement.

Choose the method you want to use to close and you’re off to the races.


Niche Customer Messenger Bots

Now that you know how to get clients using messenger bots…

It’s time to put that skill to use and get new customers for your clients.

Messenger bots create engagement with your clients’ brand like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

But everyone already knows that.

What everyone DOESN’T know is the proprietary techniques we’re using in our bot sequences that turn prospects into customers QUICKLY.

Making your clients happy, their customers happy…and you happy.


Messenger Bot FB Ad Targeting

FB Ad targeting specifically designed to unleash the power of messenger bots…

This is how it all gels.

And it does so in a way that it’s SO EASY to do…

Once you know how to do it.

No fluff, No over-burdening you with theory.

Just straight-to-the-point facts so you can get started fast.

VOLUME 1: Essential Training Value: $199.00

VOLUME 2: Client-Getting Messenger Bots Value: $379.00

VOLUME 3: Closing Messenger Bot Clients Value: $199.00

VOLUME 4: Niche Customer Messenger Bots Value: $379.00

VOLUME 5: Messenger Bot FB Ad Targeting Value: $279.00

Straight, to-the-point instructions

Successful messenger bot examples

Checklists, resources, process maps

Everything you need. NOTHING you don’t need

Complete, comprehensive step-by-step training PDF guide.

This is absolutely, the most paint by the numbers blueprint to success you’ve ever seen.

Dive in, take guided action, profit



Over-The-Shoulder Bot Building

Are you a visual learner?

Yeah, so are we. That’s why we’re going to DO IT LIVE.

Instead of us just teaching you how to build deadly effective bots…

You’re going to watch us do it. Live.

While you watch the entire process, we’ll be answering your questions in full detail.

This makes sure you’re never confused about any part of the process because you’ve already seen it performed live, right in front of you as you watch (and of course, can always refer back to the recordings later for reference.)


Pre-Built DFY Bot

Want to hit the ground running IMMEDIATELY with a pre-built bot that you can simply install and run with right away?

One that is already PROVEN and comes with everything you need: the complete bot, the Facebook ad, and the entire bot…

I’m giving you one…for free.

This is a pre-built, DFY bot that is working right now…Live in the real world.

PLUS, you’re getting our instructions on how to edit it so that it works perfectly for your business.

Literally plug n’ play.

Unplanned Bonuses:

“What the heck are unplanned bonuses?”

When we offered this training…we lost our damn minds a little bit. See, bots are extremely powerful in getting clients and offering the service to clients…but they go so much farther than that. And we’re using them in our own businesses as well. And…well…we knew you’d want to as well. So we decided…unplanned…to throw in some more really cool training.


Lead Gen Bots For YOUR Business

Like said above, bots are extremely powerful and that power shouldn’t be used JUST for getting clients and offering the service to your clients.

Do you sell information products online? Do you sell physical products online? Do you do affiliate marketing?

Bots can and should be used for ALL these things…and more.

Literally anything you have going that needs more targeted, more engaged traffic to for CHEAP is a candidate for bot use.

I’ll be showing you exactly how to get leads, sell small or large products, and get webinar registrations using bots.


Shawn Lost His Mind: The Personal Client-Getting Bot Critique

Yeah, you read that right.

The guy that charges businesses $4,000+ for this level of service decided – LIVE and off-the-cuff – that he’d do the same for you.

Yes, Shawn lost his mind. You really should take advantage. The value of this unplanned bonus is worth the investment in the 2018 Client-Getting Bot Blueprint several times over.

Shawn is going to personally critique your client-getting bot so that you know you’re going to hit the ground running with a winner right out of the gate.

No guesswork. No “maybe this will work…” Nothing like that. You have the eyes of THE “expert behind the gurus” looking over your bot to make sure you have a winner.

This is unprecedented.


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