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Rob Andolina – Google Ads Training Academy

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Are You Tired Of Trying To Squeeze Leads, Sales And An ROI Out Of AdWords?

Discover How To Build Wildly Profitable Google Ad Campaigns And Get A Flood Of New Paying Customers Within The Next 30 Days

Attention Business Owners & Marketers:

  • Watch these ‘over-the-shoulder’ video tutorials to learn the simple Google Ads set up that allows you to send hordes of hungry customers to you or your client’s business, SKYROCKET revenue, and make the phone ring off the hook – even if you’ve never used it before!
  • Taught by Rob Andolina, a pay-per-click expert who’s managed $10’s of millions in ad spend for hundreds of local business owners and internet marketing agencies in the past 11 years. (You’ve probably seen his YouTube videos)
  • Read below to learn the 3 biggest money-wasting mistakes businesses make with Google Ads… and the simple method/set up you can implement to collect MORE leads, get MORE phone calls and transform your Google Ads campaigns almost overnight

This Google Ads strategy brings in high-quality phone leads for almost ANY type of business you can think of

  • Law Firms
  • Accountants
  • Roofers
  • Plumbers
  • Insurance agents
  • Limo and Party Bus companies
  • Doctors
  • Electricians
  • Tree Removal services
  • Lawn care
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Removal
  • Deck Building
  • Demolition
  • Foundation Repair

With this Google Ads training, you’ll be able to consistently generate a steady stream of paying clients for you or your client’s business

The 3 BIGGEST mistakes business owners make with Google Ads

Mistake #1: Trusting Google to help

I’ll admit it. Google Ads are complicated. It’s like Google wants you to be confused. And for good reason.

You see, when you call your Google Search Expert he’s not actually an expert. He’s an account executive in a cubicle who is only familiar with the basics of Google Ads. The more you spend on Ads–no matter how many leads they generate–Google wins regardless.

Put simply, asking Google for help with Ads is like asking a fox to guard your hen house.

He’s going to eat YOUR lunch!

But that ends today. Because in a moment I’ll show you the step-by-step guide to Google Ads that your Google Ads “specialist” has no clue about.

Mistake #2: Winging it to figure it out

To the uninitiated, Google Ads is a cruel slot machine. Spend thousands of dollars then pray the leads come.

That sounds like gambling with your business on the line. And the only one who wins is Google.

It’s easy to think the game is rigged. But today, I’m going to show you how to turn the odds in your favor.

Because once you know the foundations, Google becomes your personal vending machine. (I’m not kidding)

Put in a fixed amount. And it pumps out a jackpot of high-value leads. The kind of customers who urgently need and are LOOKING for YOUR services…and who can’t wait to give you money.

And Google is happy to do it while you sleep, while you’re out on the job. Or anytime your ads are running.

Mistake #3: Not optimizing campaigns

If you don’t optimize your campaigns… you get crushed. That’s just how Google works.

After consulting with hundreds of clients I can tell you 95% of people don’t optimize their Google Ads campaigns.

The worst part is the courses I’ve seen just gloss over optimizations.

Which is such a shame.

Because optimizations are the KEY to drive hordes of hot leads to your business. While setting your cost per lead on a free fall.

Remember how I said Google Ads can be your own personal vending machine. Well, what if you could put in a dollar and it would spit out $2. You’d take that deal all day.

What if you could put in that same $1 dollar and get back $5, $6, $7 or more. You’d be crazy not to take that deal.

I’ll raise the stakes even higher. What if you could put in .50 cents and get back $10. They’d check your pulse if you didn’t take that offer.

Google Ads Training Academy

The simple, proven training that generates 25, 50, 100 to 500+ leads per month for your local or national business even if you have ZERO experience with pay-per-click ads

My goal when creating this course was simple…

I wanted to create a repeatable, proven system that business owners or marketers could use to generate a steady stream of leads using Google Ads… even if they’re brand-new to pay per click ads.

This video tutorial course will show you how to set up a winning ad campaign on Google A to Z…

So that you can start generating leads immediately…

Closing new, high-paying clients…

And transform your business almost overnight.

It shows you how to harness the power of the best marketing tool that exists for businesses: Google Ads.

Simply put, no other tool can generate leads like Google can because no other site on the internet commands as much TRAFFIC.

With this course, you can set up a winning campaign in just a few days…(1-2 days)

Which means in less than a week, your phone could be ringing off the hook with new clients, eager to pay you for your services!

And, within 30 days you will run lead generation campaigns better than 99.99% of the so-called Google Ads experts out there.

So if you’re ready to graduate from free eBooks and YouTube tutorials.

And want to truly master the power of Google Ads to create a stable and predictable stream of high-value leads.

Then Google Ads Training Academy is for you.

Blow up your phone with high-value leads desperate to pay you for your services within 30 days

Google Ads Training Academy is a step by step video course. So you can go from knowing nothing about Google Ads…to running profitable lead generation campaigns within 30 days.

In the course, I break every step down in plain English. It’s dead simple. In fact, all you have to do is sit down, throw in your headphones and watch the videos.

To make the material easy to digest and implement, I broke the course into 3 simple steps.

Step 1 The Foundation: The Google Ads Essentials to bring in your first high-quality leads in less than 7 days

This is the meat and potatoes of the course. You’ll watch as I show you exactly what to do to set up a profitable Google Ads campaign from scratch…that lands you new leads in the first 7 days.

In these first 10 modules, you’ll discover…

  • The #1 issue we see when auditing a new campaign. (And why it’s the fastest way to torch a pile of money with Google Ads).
  • The complete guide to Ad Extensions: Discover how to make your Ads stand out from your competition by taking up more real estate on Google Search. I’ll teach you 5 extension types–including the 1 extension that drives the lion’s share of traffic for lead generation campaigns. It’s crazy that nobody uses it. Just by watching this video, you’ll smoke your competition.
  • The bare minimum ad spend you must hit every day (no matter your business). Fail to meet this amount and your campaigns won’t get off the ground.
  • How to get Google to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to bidding (while keeping them on a tight leash). This is one of my favorite parts of Google Ads that no one takes advantage of.
  • The keyword research trick to create campaigns that always hit it out of the park. This is the #1 skill you must master to get leads knocking down your door.
  • The 3 keywords that are like money in the bank for a lead generation campaign. (Two are obvious. The other is so subtle but screams “take my money please”)
  • Why I don’t use Excel or Google Sheets to build out my Ad Groups. In module 4, I’ll show you the 1 tool I use instead. The result: tighter campaigns with fewer mistakes. (I can’t believe this tool is free).
  • Bad copy kills your ads. In Module 5, I’ll teach you the “circle dot” secret to writing ad hooks that grab your prospects by the eyeballs.
  • The most powerful conversion factor on a landing page courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg.
  • The “Clone” Method to set up a brand new ad campaign with 2 clicks.
  • How to set up call tracking in Google Ads. Without setting up conversion tracking you’re flying blind. I’ll show you 4 ways to set it up. So you can eliminate wasted ad spend and scale up successful campaigns.

Step 2 Optimizations: Drop your cost per click through the floor

After the foundations of Google Ads, optimizations are the most important aspect of a lead generation campaign, because they lower your ad spend costs.

By watching these 10 videos you’ll have a repeatable process to land leads at bargain prices. So you can scale your Google Ads campaigns to make as much money as you want.

You’ll discover…

  • The easiest way to generate more leads while lowering your cost per click. It’s wild how many people leave money on the table by not using this technique.
  • The rule of thumb to know when to pause a campaign immediately. If you don’t get this many leads per 10 clicks it means the keyword is a dud (and is burning through your ad budget).
  • The quick checklist to diagnose why prospects are bouncing off your landing pages (and the 1 tool to send your conversions through the roof).
  • The 3 ways to optimize for demographics. Knowing this puts you miles ahead of your competition.
  • The “1 box” technique to send additional leads to your business. It’s stupid-easy. And it gives you the extra edge over your competitors.

Step 3: Expert Strategies to grab MORE clicks than your competition

The last critical strategies let you play a different game than even your most advanced competitors.

In the final 3 modules you’ll discover:

  • How to set up the essentials of a remarketing campaign in 11 minutes 29 seconds.
  • Google’s free service is buggy at best. I’ll show you the only 3rd party call tracking tool I trust for our 100+ clients.
  • How to set up a call only campaign. I get a lot of questions from experts how to set up these campaigns. In module 15 I’ll show you my process end to end.

Still there’s more…

Lifetime Access to New Content

I’m always testing new strategies and tactics to generate high-value leads for my clients.

When I find a winner, you’ll be the first to know.

Because not only do you have lifetime access to the current Google Ads Training Academy content. But also any new video tutorials I add to the course content.

Which means you’ll always be on the forefront of Google Ads experts who can land red hot leads ON DEMAND.

I’m not done. When you join Google Ads Training Academy today you also get a..

Special Bonus: The “Million Dollar” Landing Page

The goal is to turn your Google Ads into leads at the lowest price possible. As you may know, sending leads to your website homepage is a waste of money.

Instead, to turn more clicks into phone calls, send traffic to a dedicated web page called a landing page.

Better still, send them to a landing page style/layout which has already generated millions in sales.

Today, when you join Google Ads Training Academy, you’ll also get the Million Dollar landing page. For comparison, a landing page converting at 4% to 10% is considered high converting. The Million Dollar Landing page converts at 25+%.

That’s no fluke. It has converted 10,000s of leads that led to millions of dollars in sales. And it continues to convert at 25% and above.

That’s the added leverage to land more high-value leads. And send your cost per lead on a nose dive.

I’m giving you the code to copy and paste for your landing pages. Swap out the images and copy. And you’re set to convert more high-value leads.

It’s yours FREE when you join Google Ads Training Academy today.

How much is this profit-generating Google Ads system going to cost me?


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