Matt Par – Make Money on YouTube Advanced Masterclass


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Matt Par - Make Money on YouTube Advanced Masterclass

Matt Par – Make Money on YouTube Advanced Masterclass

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Advanced Techniques To Take Your YouTube Income to The Next Level

In this course, I show you the exact techniques and strategies I have used to scale my YouTube income from zero to six figures. As of writing this in January of 2019, I have made $126,740.33 from a SINGLE CHANNEL in the last 365 days. That’s just ONE of my channels. In total, I have made $154,293.09 in the past year with all my channels combined.

This course is an addition to my first course and it shows the advanced strategies I use to scale my YouTube income to the next level. It touches on all aspects of making money on YouTube without making videos. Some of the topics covered include:

  • My EXACT top niches I USE
  • How to get around copyright ID and avoid strikes
  • Multiple examples of the full process of finding, making, and uploading videos
  • The best advanced techniques to optimize your videos for views and subscribers
  • How you can get a monetized channel FAST

Class Curriculum


  • Welcome to The Course! (2:01)
  • How Much I Make With This Method (5:26)

Choosing a Niche

  • Niche #1 I Use: Top 5 Videos (14:34)
  • Niche #2 I Use: Tech Videos (8:02)
  • Niche #3 (5:05)
  • What to Consider When Choosing a Niche (3:15)

Downloading Videos

  • Download Method #1 (1:05)
  • What I Use to Download Videos (1:20)

Getting Around Copyright ID

  • Free Video Editor I Use (1:30)
  • Basic Editing Tutorial (3:12)
  • Removing and Adding Watermarks (2:22)
  • Editing to Avoid Visual ID Matches (1:39)
  • Editing to Avoid Audio ID Matches (2:02)
  • Example of The Full Process #1
  • Example of The Full Process #1 – Tech (7:11)
  • Example of The Full Process #2
  • Example of The Full Process #2 – Top 5 (9:13)

Optimizing Your Videos For Views and Subscribers

  • Making Thumbnails + Best Free Software (4:45)
  • How to Never Run Out of Video Ideas (2:48)
  • How to Tag Your Videos (FREE) (2:55)
  • How to Tag Your Videos (PAID) (6:38)
  • Writing Video Descriptions (5:29)
  • Advanced Tag and Keyword Strategy (4:18)
  • Adding Subtitles to Videos (FREE) (3:11)
  • Adding Subtitles to Videos (PAID) (2:29)
  • Best Time of Day to Upload (3:07)

Where to Find Free Music and Stock Footage

  • Free Music For Your Videos (1:50)
  • Free Stock Footage (1:36)
  • Free Images (1:23)

Outsourcing Content Creation

  • Overview of Outsourcing Your Channel (3:02)
  • Upwork (2:05)
  • Fiverr (2:02)

How To Get A Monetized Channel FAST

  • Using Playerup (4:09)
  • Using Fiverr (1:50)
  • eBay (1:20)


  • Conclusion Video (1:52)


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