Lior Ohayon – ScopeRush Prospect System


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Lior Ohayon – ScopeRush Prospect System

Lior Ohayon – ScopeRush Prospect System

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Revealed… the SPS Method To Land 6 High Ticket Digital Marketing Clients Per Month predictably and with ease
(Without Spending a Dime on Prospecting)

Stop Wasting Time Praying and Hoping Your Prospecting Will Work

You already know how hard prospecting can be. You’ve tried everything, from cold calling to sending physical mail to prospects. It’s tiring, time-consuming, and honestly demotivating.

Freelance Websites take out all the pain of prospecting because they SAID they need marketing help by posting a real job!

If you’re new to the client marketing scene, or you’re a seasoned agency, SPS is exactly the type of thing you need to convert way more leads, more frequently. Expect a growth of at least 3-5 clients per month ($4500-$12,000/month).

What’s Inside The SPS Method?

Here’s a sneak-peak of what’s inside of the training and how the main topics are broken down.

  1. Setting Up and Optimizing Your Profile to Rank and Convert

Nothing is more important than how you come across within a given freelance platform. Learn how to impress prospects passively, build up your profile, and RANK HIGH for your city/niche, bringing in dozens of inbound leads.

  1. Standing Out From The Crowd With High Converting Proposals

From choosing the proper jobs to bid on, to saying the right things (you only get one shot!), you’re going to learn it all. It’s different for inbound/outbound.

  1. How to Automate and Scale Your Prospecting

Worried you’re going to be stuck in front of the computer all day? This module breaks down the various ways you can automate your prospecting and streamline your communications.

The Real  Benefits to Joining

Skyrocket Your Profile Rankings

We’ve decoded what it takes to rank on multiple freelance websites, and you’ll become the go-to-marketer in your area or niche because of it!

Rock Solid, Proven Templates

You’ll be armed with real templates that we’ve used, refined, and tested to make sure your profile and your proposals are solid.

Wicked Support Group

Want us to look over your profile or give you more reviews? The awesome community of like-minded people going through the same journey, sharing results and tactics, is priceless.

Perfect Score Tests Cheat Sheet

You will get the answers to many UpWork tests that will grant you a 100% score and boost your profile.


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