Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course


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Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course

Laura Petersen – Amazon Best-Seller Course

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It’s now my goal to help other entrepreneurs of all sizes (consultants, coaches, creators, thought leaders, podcasters, speakers, etc.) to stand out in their industry by becoming an…  Amazon Best-Selling Author!
Let’s make your competitive irrelevant. ?
Here are just a few perks of becoming a best-selling author:
✅ Increased authority in your niche
✅ More attention and exposure for your business

✅ Seen the go-to expert in your industry

✅ Earn more sales and clients
✅ Book more speaking gigs
✅ Get invited on more podcast interviews
✅ …and more!
Would you like to have all these too?

Make Your Competition Irrelevant
as a #1 Best-Selling Author!
P.S. No Email List, Ad Budget, or Publishing Experience Needed


Connor Gillivan
Founder of Portlight and CMO of FreeeUp
1st-Time Author
#1 International Amazon Best-Seller
• Management & Leadership > Outsourcing
• Industries > Consulting [both U.S. & Canada] • Human Resources > Outsourcing

Sabah Ali
College Student
1st-Time Author
#1 Amazon Best-Seller
• Teen & Young Adult > School & Education
• Teen & Young Adult > College Guides

Stephen Dela Cruz (and his ghost writer Casey Fox)
CEO of Stegela Success Mastery
1st-Time Author
#1 Amazon Best-Seller
• Business Life > Ethics

Nicole Zeien
College Student
1st-Time Author
#1 Hot New Release
• Parenting & Relationships > Adoption
She was also offered a book publishing deal from an international publisher!!!

Here’s What Happened to Me
✅ Featured in an article in Thrive Global
✅ Invited onto tons of podcast shows
✅ Taught a seminars on podcasting all over the world
✅ Invited to join a new business venture with a mega-influencer
✅ Attended T.V. premieres and walked the red carpet with idols of mine
✅ Spoke on stage for the Podcast Cruise (by founders of Podcast Movement!)
For me, having a teaching background, I’m not someone who naturally wants to be the super star celebrity. Instead, I love connecting with people, helping, and learning.
That’s what fuels me!
I realized through frustration at not being seen as a leader in my field, that a best selling book would help me get booked on more podcasts, invited to speak on more stages, and be featured in more articles.
And it has! 
Now, I want to teach you how too.

The snowball effect of this makes me feel proud, extremely confident, and more in control of my own business now being seen as a leader and not a follower!

People NOW reach out to me instead of my reaching out to them!
It all started with the book.
…which led to making more sales, booking more high-profile clients, and leveling up the ‘ole network.


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