Lance Edwards – Multi-Family Bootcamp


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Lance Edwards - Multi-Family Bootcamp

Lance Edwards – Multi-Family Bootcamp

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Listen To Lance Give His “Multi-Family Success” Teleclass (Hosted By Ben Innes-Ker) Below And Find Out How You Can Make Incredible Profits Buying Big Multi-family Properties With No Money Out Of Your Pocket … Even If You Haven’t Done A Single Deal Yet!

This course includes the complete audios from the 2-day intensive boot camp along with the Handouts, the Scripts, the Templates, the Deal Analysis Sheets and the sample deals that were produced for the event.

  • Module 1: Why MultiFamily?
  • Module 2: How to Figure Out The Value of Any Complex In 10 Minutes or Less
  • Module 3: Fundng Deals with NONE of Your Own Cash
  • Module 4: Finding Deals
  • Module 5: Contracting & Closing
  • Module 6: Property Management Secrets
  • Module 7: Getting It Done – Detailed Action Plan
  • Support Materials, Templates & Scripts


  • BONUS #1: LIVE Group Consultation Call
  • BONUS #2: 90 Days of Email Consultation
  • BONUS #3: Written Transcript of the Event
  • BONUS #4: QuickStart Guide

You’ll learn the different ways that you can monetize your multifamily deal flow:

– Learn how to wholesale apt. deals for quick cash

– Learn how to reposition and flip apts. deals for big cash

– Learn how to hold properties for long-term wealth. (You can be an active participant or a passive participant. For example, I have Buyers now that will gladly give a birddog 10% equity for just bringing a deal to the table and they do nothing else.)

– For those deals that you hold, learn how to do deals using none of your own cash or credit, every time. (Background: Ben, there is a 4-part formula to raising private money that I have developed based on my reseach into buying businesses using none of your own cash or credit. Most people don’t know there are 4 parts – let alone what the 4 parts are. If you don’t exercise all 4 parts of the formula, your chances of suceess are drastically reduced. On the other, when you do exercise all 4 parts, the money part becomes really really easy.

– You’ll learn where to look for your money sources and how to structure and package your deals for a good return for your private investors and a good return for you.. (And Ben, I’m not talking about conducting luncheons with doctors and dentists but rather raising money private money – privately.) You know the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death for most people. So why create a system that requires you to face your greatest fear? I have never stood in front of a group to raise money. In fact, if you do something like that improperly, you could have the SEC calling you. All of my private money is raised — privately. I raised $1.2 million one time from a single classified ad. And if you want to raise $10,000, this is how you do it.

– You’ll learn how to create what I call “Better than Risk-FREE Deals” for your private investors so that your private investors are attracted to doing business with you.

In addition, you’ll learn:

– How to maximize your equity

– How to find & manage property managers. I will show you the systems we use to maintain occupancies higher than the national average. I’ll show you how to know as much as your property manager so that you’ll be able to manage your property managers. Because yes, you will hire others to deal with the tenants and the toilets, you will be the one directing the property manager on how to create wealth for you with your asset.

Now, I know that success comes to those who take decisive action. And because I want to see you become successful at this, you will receive over $1500 of bonus items when you sign up now.

BONUS #1: is a LIVE Group Consultation Call with me within the next 30 Days – $300 value

Everyone who purchases will have 30 days to submit their questions – on topics ranging from course material to marketing to their actual deals. I will personally host a teleconference to answer those calls for everyone. As long as it takes, I will stay on the line to make sure that there is NO question unanswered. But, once you see how truly easy this business is, you probably will have no questions and absolute certainty on how to get started.

BONUS #2: 90 Days of Consultation from me – $1000 value

Upon your order, you will have 90 days of email access to get your personal questions answered by me – answers to your questions on multifamily investing and/or your specific deals. Simply email your question or fax in the 1 page Deal Analysis Sheet (provided in the Home Study Course) and you’ll get your deals analyzed and questions asked. The value of this could be tens of thousands of dollars in assisting you with getting into the right deal – the financial freedom kind of deal.

BONUS #3: Written Transcript of the Entire Program – $197 value

Besides the 12 hours of audio recordings and handouts from the 2 day live event, you will receive a written transcript of the entire event. Use this written treasure as your guide and reference to the entire program. Use the Audio Table of Contents to pinpoint any topic of interest – on the audio recordings and/or the transcript. You can now learn by audio and written word and easily reference any topic. You get to preview the written transcripts of the 1st 2 modules while you preview the program and the remainder during your extended 30 day trial.

BONUS #4: Quick Start Guide – $97 value

Once you acquire the course, it’s time to get laser focused. Follow the steps of the Quick Start guide to get you rapidly started on the most critical step – creating deal flow and quickly analyzing deals; at no cost. Wealth is with the deals and your daily habits. Follow the path that I have already paved for you and create your own apartment deal flow system. Use this 30 Day Guide to create your deal flow in any part of the country – even if you are looking outside of your own back yard. This, along with Module 7 of the program, called Getting It Done, is the critical distinction for those who analyze vs those who do in real estate. I want you to be among those in real estate who do. You receive the QuickStart Guide when you order tonight.


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