Jumpcut Academy – The Contagious Content Course


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Jumpcut Academy - The Contagious Content Course

Jumpcut Academy – The Contagious Content Course

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Contagious content

The secret psychology of viral marketing.

For the first time ever, you can learn how the world’s top viral marketers create content that generates massive views, commands incredible attention, and builds businesses at what feels like the click of a button.

Contagious Content contains over 7 hours of premium video lessons that walk you through the science, the psychology, and the strategies you can use to create content primed to go viral on any social media platform.

Learn from the best

Meet the pros

With Contagious Content, you’ll also get access to five bonus interviews with professional influencers who collectively have over 8,000,000 fans, followers, and subscribers.

These interviews will walk you through an exclusive in-depth breakdown of their best-kept viral content secrets. Now, you’ll know how to create viral content on any social media platform that drives a flood of free organic traffic to your business.

Module 01: Roadmap to Contagious Content

A quick overview of what you can expect to learn in this course.

Module 02: Virality Decoded

Learn the surprising key concepts for driving viralilty on social media.

Module 03: The Science of Sharing

Uncover the hidden forces that motivate us to share content with others.

Module 04: Hidden Patterns of Virality

Follow these content strategies to exponentially increase your odds of going viral.

Module 05: Platform Playbooks

We’ve interviewed social media experts from 5 major platforms to get the best tips, advice, and secrets.

The Secret Psychology Of Viral Content

Access 5+ hours of premium in-depth video lessons on how to create a Viral Content Engine that drives massive free organic traffic to your business, products, or social media pages.

Any Platform, Any Business, Any Market

Featuring lessons, strategies, and tactics applicable to any social media platform and almost any type of business. No matter what business you run, Contagious Content can help.


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