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Josh Steimle – Power Publishing Contributor Masterclass

Josh Steimle – Power Publishing Contributor Masterclass

Price: $1497


  • Proven step-by-step system to become a contributor to top publications…
  • …and ethically leverage your contributor position to grow your business or career.
  • 100% online
  • Learn on your own schedule
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee

When I started writing like this, things exploded (in a good way).

  • The articles I wrote for Forbes led to opportunities to publish in more than 20 other high-profile publications like Fortune, Time, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur.
  • I received a cash advance on a book deal with an established publisher, giving me new levels of instant credibility.
  • I was invited to speak at high profile events in exotic locations around the world like Dubai, Israel, Singapore, China, Iceland, and Australia, sharing my ideas in front of audiences of thousands.
  • Most tangibly, I can trace over $5M in revenue for my marketing agency directly to my writing and speaking.

Oh, and getting to hang out with Richard Branson on his island in the Caribbean? Mind blowing. Completely surreal. And it never would have happened if I hadn’t become a contributor.

The Masterclass: Customized For You

I quickly saw that writing a book or a detailed blog post wasn’t enough for many people. Sure, some people have previous experience publishing for other top-tier publications and all they need is a few answers to questions like “Who exactly should I pitch at XYZ magazine?” But for others the questions go deeper. They ask questions like:

  • Will the editor look at my social media profiles? If so, what exactly should I change?
  • Given my background, what should I put in my pitch?
  • What should the subject line of my pitch email include?

Twitter or email for pitching?

  • Should I write for smaller publications before going for the big ones?
  • If I can get mentioned in an article in the publication I’m targeting will that help me get in as a contributor?

Then there are the questions many potential contributors aren’t asking, but should, like:

  • How can I build an email list to increase how attractive I am to editors since I can then bring an audience with me?
  • How can I develop a relationship with an editor ahead of time, so that when I pitch it’s natural instead of awkward?
  • How can networking with other contributors help me?

The masterclass content includes video lessons, checklists, and templates, along with meaningful, hands-on assignments. You’ll use this content as it serves you–you don’t need to watch every single video or read every document (although we recommend you at least skim it all so you know what’s there).

In this masterclass we’ll teach you proven methods to get into top contributor spots. Amongst other things, you will learn:

  • How to build the relationships that help you get the attention of editors and lead to writing opportunities (rather than a one-way trip to getting lumped into the “annoying pitches” category);
  • How to find the right “angle” to leverage the expertise and knowledge only you have to land your articles right where you want them;
  • How to become a better writer by learning to craft your pieces to meet the needs of an editor;
  • The strategies for writing the perfect subject line that gets editors to open your email inquiries–and when to use them;
  • Why certain articles work (or don’t), using real examples, so you can remove the mystery about what to pitch and learn to see things from an insider’s perspective;
  • All the many ways media articles connect back to your bottom line, and how to leverage each one of them to drive sustainable ROI.
  • How to write articles that build your personal brand and create results like paid speaking gigs, book deals, career advancement, sales and lead gen, and new business opportunities, exactly like I’ve done for myself, and all without being spammy
  • How to tackle all the processes and “nitty-gritty” details (that seem second nature to a regular, but are overwhelming to a “newbie”); and…
  • The daily, weekly, and monthly habits that will enable you to generate a continuous stream of powerful brand- and influence-building content.

This learning curve isn’t easy, but the masterclass will walk you through the process step-by-step so you can see exactly how I and others did it.

Plus, every one of the assignments will provide you with material that you will use to position yourself as the kind of focused, targeted thought leader that editors are desperate to lure to their publications. Before you’re done with the first six weeks in our masterclass you’ll have:

  • Your one-sentence positioning statement or “byline” that resonates and sends your message to both editors and your chosen audience
  • A long-form bio that describes your focus, shows readers why you are qualified to write about it–and is customized to lure web traffic to subscribe to your list and investigate your products or services;
  • A list of business publications you know are front-and-center and relevant for your target audience. You will also identify a “short-list” of editors you’ll want to form relationships with, and the gaps you can step up and fill (along with the dud topics you otherwise would’ve thought were a good idea);
  • A collection of great articles that you can refer to for inspiration on writing style and the key elements of success for you to mimic in your own writing; and
  • Pitch emails you’ve tailored to your target publications…

…so you can do this all yourself, not just once, but forever, not just at Forbes but at any publication you want to get into.

  • The full Power Publishing: Contributor Masterclass ($2,997 value)
  • BONUS #1 – Personal Brand Platform Audit ($997 value)
  • BONUS #2 – Personal Brand Tagline Online Course ($397 value)
  • BONUS #3 – Instant access to growing library of contributor pitch email swipe files ($497 value)


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