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Jordan Platten - Social Media Marketing School

Jordan Platten – Social Media Marketing School

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In this course, I teach you everything you need to know in order to start your own 6 figure agency. Following these exact processes I….

Quit my 9-5 within two weeks and made 6 figure profits within 3 months…

I had enough, I needed to take action.. now it’s your turn.

Do you wish you could live a life of financial freedom? To work for yourself. Be able to spend what you want & not even consider the figure. To give your family the world.

To travel 5* wherever you want, whenever you want to? You can.

I wasted countless hours of my life banging my head against the wall, falling into the deceit of others.. buying into mis-sold dreams, into pyramid scheme businesses, into wasted investments.. until I found something that finally clicked. Since that day, I have been whole-heartedly committed to help those who are in the same position I was.

Class Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction To Social Media Marketing

  • Welcome To The Course
  • What Is Social Media Marketing?
  • What Services To Offer & How To Price Them
  • How To Set Up A Company (4:46
  • Getting Your Head In The Game

Module 2 – How To Build A Sales Database

  • The Best Niches To Target
  • Who Is The Ideal Prospect?
  • Lead Generation Techniques
  • Collating Data & Proper Prospecting
  • Resource – Sales Database Template

Module 3 – How To Secure Meetings

  • How To Contact Business Owners
  • Cold Calling P1 – Fear Of Cold Calling
  • Cold Calling P2 – The Bulletproof Script
  • Cold Calling P3 – Overcoming Objections
  • Inbox Busting Email Strategy
  • Groundbreaking Door-To-Door Techniques
  • Using Video Outreach To Secure Meetings – NEW Nov 2018
  • Resource – Cold Calling Script
  • Resource – Email & Audit Template

Module 4 – How To Dominate In Meetings

  • Preparation Is Key
  • How To Take Control
  • Meeting Strategy P1 – Discovery Stage (8:36
  • Meeting Strategy P2 – Building Trust
  • Meeting Strategy P3 – Presenting Your Services
  • Meeting Strategy P4 – Close Like A Boss (12:46)
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Signing Your First Client When You Have No Results
  • Making It Official (Contracts & Legalities)
  • Resource – Proposal / Contract Template

Module 5 – How To Get Kick-Ass Results For Clients

  • Your Responsibilities vs Your Clients (4:13)
  • Gathering Content For Posts & Ads
  • How To Put Together A Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction To Facebook Advertising
  • Introduction To Instagram Advertising
  • How To Set Up Your Business On Facebook
  • Installing A Facebook Pixel
  • How To Schedule Posts
  • Creating Ads P1 – Understanding Different Ad Types (Campaigns)
  • Creating Ads P2 – Identify Your Audience & Specific Targeting
  • Creating Ads P3 – Managing Ad Placements (Ad Sets)
  • Creating Ads P4 – Writing Great Content (Ad Copy)
  • Organising Your Ad Manager

Module 6 – Advanced Facebook Marketing

  • Published & Unpublished Page Posts
  • Custom Audiences In Ad Manager
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • How To Split Test
  • Optimising Ads For Conversions

Module 7 – Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

  • Mastering The Funnel (ClickFunnels Training)
  • 2 Week Trial Strategy
  • Full Ad Strategy – Any Industry
  • Full Ad Strategy – Restaurants
  • Full Ad Strategy – Gyms
  • Full Ad Strategy – Dentists
  • Further Marketing With Messenger Bots
  • Resource – All My Funnel

Module 8 – Scale Your Business To 6 Figures Within 3 Months

  • How To Free Up Time (Outsourcing)
  • Daily & Weekly Growth Targets
  • Eliminating Yourself (The Ultimate Freedom)
  • Resource – Target Planner Template

Module 9 – Bonus Lessons & Resources

  • How To Get Free Facebook Page Likes
  • How To Create Professional Graphics
  • How To Sign Clients Whilst Working Full-Time
  • How To Manage Your Agency Whilst Travelling
  • Avoiding Complacency & Staying Motivated
  • Do You Need A Website For Your Agency
  • How To Steal Ad Ideas From Other Companies
  • How To Ensure Your Clients Are GDPR Saf
  • How To Set Up Automatic Monthly Client Payments
  • Course Summary (2:33)

Module 10 – Get Involved

  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • 40% Affiliate Commission Programme
  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching
  • How To Contact Me Directly


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