Jack Shepherd – The Personal Branding Mastermind


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Jack Shepherd – The Personal Branding Mastermind

Jack Shepherd – The Personal Branding Mastermind

Price: $997


What’s Included In This Course?

  • Lifetime Access To All 9 Modules (50+ Video Lessons) – $3,582 Value
  • Lifetime Support In The Private Student Mastermind Group – $497 Value
  • Live Q&A’s From Me & Other 6-Figure Personal Brands – $497 Value
  • Access To My Secret Formula To EASILY Scale Past $100k – $997 Value

Class Curriculum


This Is The Beginning Of Your New Life! (1:54)

Join The Private Student Community (1:39)

Knowing Your Niche (3:45)

How To EASILY Get Over Camera Fear (4:11)

How You’re Going To Get 10x ROI From This Course (5:26)

The Personal Brand Roadmap *ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEOS… EVER* (14:44)


YouTube Growth Mastery

How To Structure Your Channel For SUCCESS (6:17)

How To Easily Create Content & Never Run Out Of Ideas (6:48)

YouTube Algorithm Secrets EXPLAINED (13:25)

How To Create Insane Thumbnails – LIVE Interview With My Designer (22:40)

Engaging With Your Niche = Growth! (6:02)

How To Utilise End Screens & Cards (4:38)

WHY We Want To Use YouTube Ads *Epiphany* (6:19)

How To Create An Effective YouTube Ad (Part 1) (9:29)

Let’s BLOW UP Your Channel – YouTube Ads For Growth (Part 2) (19:02)

YouTube Ads Optimisation (Part 3) (40:41)

Collaborate With Other Members In This Course – So You Can Grow Together! (3:16)

Want To Be Interviewed On My Channel? Let Me Show You How… (1:51)

Facebook Group Growth Mastery

The Importance Of Growing A Facebook Group (6:26)

FB Group Set Up – AVOID Making These Mistakes! (9:32)

How To Develop Your Voice & Brand For Your FB Group! (7:13)

The 5 Ways To Explode Your Group With Growth (9:44)

How To Create Content Every Day For Your Group (5:22)

How To Create Engaging Content So You Build Loyal Fans (7:17)

Using Live Video To Hack Engagement & Reach (3:40)

How To Leverage Your Facebook Group For More Subscribers/Group Members/Email List/Messenger List (7:28)

How To Convert Members Into Customers (10:23)

Testimonial Shoutout Hack


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