Fiona Cutts – Mastering Public Speaking Without Fear


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Fiona Cutts - Mastering Public Speaking Without Fear

Fiona Cutts – Mastering Public Speaking Without Fear

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When you speak in front of people, do you feel present and comfortable, or fearful and shy? Public speaking is one of people’s biggest fears. But what if it doesn’t have to be?

Instead of feeling barely able to get through a talk and holding yourself back out of dread, imagine that you’re able to feel confident and clear. You connect easily with your audience, being present with them and yourself, and feel energized afterwards. You’re able to contribute the gift you have for the audience in a way that they can receive it. Would that be fun for you?

This course will cover

· Recognizing—and more importantly, changing—your points of view about speaking in front of people
· New tools on how to connect with your audience
· Inviting in more presence while speaking
· Why you might shake before a presentation, and what to do about it
· What it means to be authentic in front of an audience
· Questions to ask to “be you” instead of who you think you should be

Don’t let fear of public speaking hold you back from stepping out and offering what you have to the world!


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