FB Ads for Ecommerce Course


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FB Ads for Ecommerce Course

FB Ads for Ecommerce Course

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Get the EXACT funnels and FB Ad Techniques our Agency Uses to get Ecommerce Stores 15-30X Return on Ad Spend…

What You Will Learn in This Self-Paced Course:

Video Modules #1: Foundations

  • Business Manager: Learn how to STOP boosting, and start building REAL conversion, dynamic, and retargeting campaigns.
  • Campaigns + Ad Sets + Ads: We break down the 3 layers of FB ads, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to build and structure these.
  • Facebook Ad Lingo: You know CPC, Here dive into CPA, CPM, CTR.
  • The Facebook Pixel: Learn the difference and placement of the base code, pixel events, and why they are CRUCIAL to converting and retargeting.
  • Facebook Audience Mining: Learn how to take targeting WAY beyond cold interest groups
  • LIVE CAMPAIGN BUILD: Follow along as we build out a full campaign. From Top of Funnel Videos to Bottom of Funnel Retargeting.
  • Tracking Your Conversions: Bring your pixel knowledge into ads insights to reveal the trends of your ecommerce sales.

Video Modules #2: Conversion Hacking

  • The Conversion Ladder: Learn how and when to use Facebook’s purchase, add to cart, link click, optimizations and more.
  • Scaling Campaigns: We’ve got you making SALES! Here is how you scale the operation without breaking your optimization and increasing your CPA.
  • Industry Benchmarks: We reveal ecommerce benchmark conversion rates, CPCs, CTRs and more for online stores.
  • Facebook Audience Mining: Learn how to take targeting WAY beyond cold interest groups
  • Mapping Your Funnel: We show you the EXACT ecommerce funnel to start with and GIVE YOU the plug and play funnel map.
  • Complete Funnel Walk-Through: We walk you step-by-step through a killer ecommerce Facebook funnel and show you how to implement for yourself.

Video Modules #3: Support

  • FREE Facebook Ads Consulting: Every course purchase comes with a free consulting call to discuss how to implement these Facebook Ad techniques in your own business.
  • Free Access to a Community of FB advertisers: Reach out to peers and other badass FB ecommerce gurus.
  • Support Line: Want more personalized ecommerce ads strategy? In the support module we provide a direct line to FB ad pros.


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