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ACTIVATE 2017 EBA Live Conference Video Package MAIN EVENT + WORKSHOP

ACTIVATE 2017 EBA Live Conference Video Package MAIN EVENT + WORKSHOP

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At Elite Blog Academy™, we believe that blogging doesn’t have to be complicated, and that attending a live event shouldn’t leave you feeling more confused or overwhelmed.

Since EBA® first launched in 2014, our goal has always been to eliminate the overwhelm and frustration that comes with blogging. From figuring out what to do first to actually earning a sustainable income from your efforts, we’ve distilled it down to the essentials, pulling it all together in a simple but powerful framework that gets results. Our mission is simple–to show you, step-by-step, exactly how to create a successful, profitable blog.

At ACTIVATE 2018, you’ll walk away from our 2-day live event with a fully completed, working action plan that you can begin applying immediately, as you connect and network with other bloggers, and get direct feedback on the work you’ve been doing. It is a fully immersive experience that will bring more clarity, purpose, and direction to your blogging journey than you ever thought possible.


Making the decision to attend a conference or live event is always a little bit scary. How can you be sure the value of what you learn will be worth the investment in time and money? How do you know your questions will be answered?

Worse yet, is the fear of the unknown, and of being all alone, of not knowing who to talk to, or how to make those connections you know are so vital to your success as a blogger.

At ACTIVATE, we’ve worked hard to alleviate those fears and concerns, and to create focused space for not just learning, but for taking action. The minute you walk in the door, you’ll be handed our ACTIVATE workbook, which will allow you to apply everything you are learning to your own blogging business. By the time you leave, you will have a comprehensive action plan for your blog ready to implement.

Better yet, we have added plenty of opportunities to connect with and get to know your fellow bloggers….without feeling awkward! Starting with our TRIBES gathering on Friday night, where you’ll meet others in your own niche, all weekend long you’ll have a chance to network with and get feedback from your fellow bloggers.


Our powerful, game-changing framework is simple but designed to get you the massive results you are looking for, in less time, with far less frustration than if you tried to do it on your own. During this 2-day intensive, you’ll spend your time diving into our most important concepts in order to create a comprehensive action plan that you can begin applying right away.


The first phase of creating a successful, profitable blog is to refine your message–not just what you say, but how you want your readers to feel when they come to your site. We’ll show you exactly how to refine this message of yours, until every single person who comes across your blog can tell at a glance what you are all about, and, more importantly, what they have to gain by being there.


The second phase in our EBA framework is to grow your audience. Finding people to actually read your blog can sometimes feel like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be. At ACTIVATE we’ll provide you with an armory of proven, detailed strategies for how to get your message heard and shared. You’ll never feel unsure of how to get more traffic again.


The third phase in our EBA framework is to monetize your platform. This is where blogging starts to get really fun, because it is where all the hard work you have put in starts to really pay off and multiply. But believe it or not, not all income streams are created equal, and at ACTIVATE you’ll learn exactly where to focus your efforts in order to maximize your bottom line and skyrocket your profits.


The fourth and final phase of creating a successful, profitable blog is to build your business. This is the point where you realize that you are not just a blogger, but an entrepreneur, and this is also the point at which you can really take off and begin to find massive success. ACTIVATE will show you how to work smarter, not harder, and how to build momentum that keeps you going long after you’ve completed your coursework.


Can one weekend really make all the difference for your blog or online business? In a word? Yes.

The laser-focused intensity of this supercharged event is designed to open your eyes to possibilities you never thought possible, and to spur you to take action. You won’t be simply passively listening to other people’s advice, you will be actively applying every single thing you learn to your own blog or online business, in a way that gets real results.



At ACTIVATE, we will take a deep dive into some of the most important action steps you can take right away to transform your blogging business, and we’ll also take the time to show you how to apply the concepts we are teaching to your own blog, as well as allow you to get instant feedback on your ideas. We know that real results come from taking direct action on the core fundamentals. You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of not only what you need to do to take your blog to the next level, but exactly how to do it.


From the minute you walk in the door, you’ll be working to create your own personal blueprint for blogging success with our special ACTIVATE workbook. We will literally hand you the single most powerful tool you will ever develop for transforming your blogging business and growing a successful, profitable blog.


Often the hardest part of blogging is feeling like you are all alone, but at ACTIVATE you never have to feel that way! Throughout the weekend, you’ll be able to get direct and personal support, advice, and feedback from other members of our amazing community through feedback breakouts and power brainstorming sessions. You’ll also have a chance to sign up for private consulting sessions with members of the EBA team and our EBA VIP Members.


The most valuable thing about attending a live event is the opportunity to connect and network with other bloggers and make lasting relationships that can literally change the course of your blogging journey. Of course for many people, nothing induces more anxiety or feels more daunting than the thought of walking into a room and not knowing a soul.

That’s exactly why at ACTIVATE, we’ve worked hard to take the awkward out of networking, and instead built in lots of opportunities to connect with your peers in a way that feels fun and natural, not terrifying! From our TRIBES session on opening night, where you will have a chance to meet other bloggers in your own niche, to our small group breakouts and power sessions, you’ll be sure to come away with at least a few lifetime friends!


Our Pre-Conference Workshop will take a deep dive into the biggest secrets of transforming your BLOG into a sustainable BUSINESS

As your blog grows it can be hard to know how to pivot from capable blogger to confident business owner. With the advanced-level training you receive during this workshop, you’ll never again wonder how to make the leap.

During this 2-day intensive, you will:

  • Learn how to create a big picture strategy for your business through a guided strategic planning session.
  • Master the art of creating powerful quarterly plans that keep your whole team on track.
  • Identify your own “Genius Zone,” and learn how to set up a company that frees you to do what you do best.
  • Discover how to grow and manage a stellar team.
  • Find out what you need to do to protect your assets.
  • Learn how to grow and prime your list of prospective customers so that they can’t wait to buy.
  • Convert your prospects into paying customers through proven strategies that actually make them like you more, not less.
  • Get honest, direct feedback on your business plan during focused, guided mastermind sessions.


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