Doyle Chambers – The MLM Rocket Recruiting System


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Doyle Chambers - The MLM Rocket Recruiting System

Doyle Chambers – The MLM Rocket Recruiting System

System 10 Kit

Price: $497
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You Can Use This Ready-Made
MLM Rocket Recruiting System
To Build A Rocket Fast Downline
With Your Chosen MLM Program.

Here’s the Untold Story on
where this System originated.

Richard Cook lived on a South Texas ranch. He was a mail-order guy who ran ad campaigns for 30 years. He sold everything from kitchen products to information booklets. Richard was a millionaire.

In 1990, Richard grew tired of having to re-invent
his one-time sales business. Each year, he had to find new, marketable products…and then launch a whole new ad campaign to find new customers. Richard had his eye on what MLM could do for him. So he set out to do MLM and create an on-going residual income from built-in repeat sales.

After deep research, Richard joined a Florida MLM company. That’s when he used his marketing skills to develop a
3-part mailorder-MLM recruiting system.
 After getting his sales piece in the mail, I quickly joined with Richard.

I started using Richard’s System to recruit people for my downline. The sales piece was pulling 10 to 16% paid responses out of every 100 mailed. People from all over were sending me money to take a closer look at Richard’s system. Out of every 100 mailed, at least 4 people joined the business…and then they quickly started mailing to build their own business.

Along with many others who used Richard’s system,
my income soared like a rocket. Richard was the NUMBER ONE DISTRIBUTOR in the company within 2 months. Many others soon climbed the ladder behind Richard reaching the top of the MLM pay plan.

MLM Rocket
Recruiting System.

Three of the hardest things
 creating an effective
MLM Recruiting System are:


1) Explaining the opportunity and persuading new people to get involved with the business2) The training of your new associates to successfully work the business

3) Providing a simple, yet effective sponsoring tool that will reel-in people to take a close look at the business

The old cowboy marketer
has solved all three of
these problems.

Richard understood that before most people will make the decision to join the business – FIRST they must know exactly how they are going to promote the business. His Business System Report along with my Website acts as
an effective salesperson and business trainer for everyone. THIS BUSINESS SYSTEM REPORT WILL DO 95% OF THE WORK FOR EVERYONE.When serious prospects read the Report – they’ll ALREADY BE 95% CONVINCED and will only have a few questions that can be easily answered. Many people join immediately so they can get started building their business fast. It
happens very quickly for many, many people.

Simply teaching people one on one isn’t enough anymore. So the old cowboy marketer wrote a comprehensive training manual that would be easy to
understand and show people precisely how he did what he did. Everyone reads the manual and it does most of the work. It’s duplication…pure and simple. The BUSINESS TRAINING MANUAL gives your associates a clear understanding of exactly how to get going fast with their business and start making money.

All associates must use an effective marketing tool to attract and draw people into the business. Over many years, Richard has perfected a sponsoring tool…which is a powerful Postcard. His carefully engineered postcard controls a basic human desire that compels people to act out of curiosity and the need to know. The postcard captures people’s attention and creates such intense interest they have to get the Report to satisfy their curiosity. Most people are compelled to take immediate action by sending money to get the Business System Report.

Here’s how the MLM Rocket Recruiting System works for You…

By purchasing this system, you become an authorized Team Leader for this system. As a Team Leader, YOU will CONTROL the growth of your business and help your downline members to effectively use the MLM Rocket Recruiting System.

1) You start by mailing a ready-made postcard (with your name and address) to opportunity seeker mailing lists.

2) Serious prospects will send you $3 to receive my ready-made special report. This report is designed to convince people to join your chosen MLM program. Along with the report, you will include the details about your MLM program so they can join directly under you.

3) People will join your MLM program and send you their completed Rocket System Order Form (along with $30 one-time Registration Fee).

NOTE: EVERYONE that joins your
MLM organization will send their completed
Rocket System Order Form
(along with $30) DIRECTLY TO YOU.

4) After you have verified a new associates’ enrollment into your chosen MLM program, you will send them a complete Rocket System Toolkit.

The complete Rocket System Toolkit includes
3 components:
1. 4-Up Ready-to-Print Postcard sheet
2. Ready-to-Print copy of the Special Report (that they sell for $3 to their prospects) 3. System Training Manual that explains
how to start building their business fast

5) Your new MLM downline associates will start mailing postcards to opportunity seeker mailing lists. When your associates receive $3 report orders directly, they will send the report to their customers — along with the MLM program details (so people can join directly under them).

6) People will join the MLM program (directly under their sponsor) and send the completed Rocket System Order Form (along with $30) to the Team Leader (which is YOU).

7) After you have verified a new associates’ enrollment into your chosen MLM program, you will send them a complete Rocket System Toolkit.


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