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Conversational Copywriting

Conversational Copywriting

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Write powerful web copy that drives sales… without being pushy, loud or manipulative.

There are two types of copywriters and marketers in the world… those who feel comfortable using high-pressure, hyped-up sales copy… and those who don’t.

If you fall into that second group, keep reading…

If you don’t like hype, you’re going to love conversational copywriting.

And luckily for you, conversational copywriting is what your audience wants too.

How come? Because today’s online consumers don’t like pushy, loud sales pitches.

They don’t like being sold AT in the old-school, in-your-face, broadcast style.

This is why so many people install ad-blockers, and why online conversion rates are so low. Prospects are just turned off by that traditional copywriting approach.


If you can’t sell with traditional sales copy, how CAN you sell online?

Make the sale with conversational copywriting.

With conversational copywriting you’re not selling or talking AT your audience.

You’re writing in a way that engages WITH your audience. It’s more respectful. It’s the anti-hype.

It’s about engaging your audience more fully, connecting with them emotionally, and drawing them into a place where they feel ready to buy your product or service.

  • Conversational copywriting is about removing layers of friction and mistrust between a company and its customers.
  • Conversational copy is the future because people are no longer “buying” the old-school approach.

What you can expect from this course…

Over the course of 21 instructional videos – plus BONUS materials – I’ll take you through numerous before and after examples, and 6 homework exercises.

I’ll teach you how to write conversational sales copy that creates a powerful desire for the products or services you’re selling, and converts more browsers into buyers.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Create sales pages that convert readers into buyers through deep engagement and honest persuasion… not with the blunt-force trauma of hard-core sales copy.
  • Write emails that feel like they were written by a real human.
  • Write blog posts and social media updates that truly connect with your readers and build long-term trust.
  • Build home pages and other website pages that communicate with openness and warmth, instead of hiding behind “corporate-speak”.

Once enrolled, you’ll be part of a powerful and growing community.

As soon as your eyes have been opened to the benefits of conversational copywriting, I bet you’ll find it hard to go back to the old-school, adversarial approach.

As a conversational copywriter you’ll feel like you’re part of something new, and better.

And I think you’re going to love being part of our community.

We gather together in a private Facebook group where we ask and answer questions, share insights, ask for and offer help… and a whole lot more.

This group is open to you from the moment you enroll.

And you’re invited to stay after you complete the course. That way you’ll be there for new students as they start their own journeys.

This is a passionate community of copywriters who believe in a better way to sell online.

Here’s a reminder of what you get…

  • The course itself… originally 21 lectures… Now 27 lectures and PDFs, including Bonus items.
  • My personal feedback on 6 homework assignments.
  • Access to me and fellow students through a private Facebook group. Indefinitely.
  • Live Video Q&A sessions once a month. Indefinitely.

And here’s the thing… the BIG thing… you pay just once to enroll, and that’s it. There are no monthly fees.


Class Curriculum

Section 1: Who I am and why conversational copywriting is the future.

Introduction (3:51)

Changing times and attitudes have made a big difference to copywriting. (4:35)

Section 2: Conversational copywriting defined.

What exactly is “conversational copywriting”? (3:22)

This isn’t an entirely new idea… (6:53)

Section 3: Why conversational copywriting is the future of copywriting online

The web is a two-way medium… (7:33)

Section 4: Core attributes of conversational copy…

Conversational copy is written in your authentic voice. [Homework #1] (8:32)

Share the customer’s side of the conversation. (3:44)

A great way to kick off a conversation is by asking questions. (7:23)

Section 5: The craft of writing conversational copy…

Less hype, and more dialogue. [Homework #2] (8:45)

More on the craft of writing conversational copy. [Homework #3] (6:37)

Section 6: It’s about both WHAT you write and HOW you say it.

First, some examples of WHAT you say. [Homework #4] (12:13)

Second, some examples of HOW you might say it. [Homework #5] (10:01)

Section 7: How conversational copywriting drives the sale…

Introducing the Conversational Copywriting Framework. (2:50)

Start the conversation… (5:09)

Create desire and close the sale (5:44)

Section 8: The power of conversational copywriting lies in engaging people.

Achieving emotional connections through conversation. [Homework #6] (5:52)

Section 9: Wrapping it all up…

This is the future of selling online… (7:01)

Ongoing Bonus Materials (1:02)

Section 10: More bonus materials

45-Minute Webinar on Conversational Copywriting (45:16)

What I wrote for the homework assignments

With conversational copywriting you communicate like a real person. (5:49)

How to introduce your clients to Conversational Copywriting. (5:04)

Is Conversational Copywriting a good fit for a company selling baby clothes? (3:52)

Developing an ear for conversational copy. (15:33)

Big Brian Case Study (7:19)

Web Content Optimization – 97-Page PDF version of the full course.

7 Examples of Conversational Copywriting (16:23)

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Writing More Conversational

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