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Commission Magnets ( From Zero To $3 Million Using Incredible and Powerful Profit-Pulling Commission Magnets )

Commission Magnets

( From Zero To $3 Million Using Incredible and Powerful Profit-Pulling Commission Magnets )

Price: $297
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“BREAKING: Two Ex-Squatters Blasted from Homeless Bums to $3 Million Using Hands-Free ‘Commission Magnets’…”


You Can Finally Do This…

  •     Without A List.
  •     Without Creating Products.
  •     Without Doing Product Launches.
  •     Without Traveling To Events.
  •     Without Recruiting Affiliates.

“How About We Just Do Everything for You So You Can Just Focus on Collecting the Commissions?”

Commission Magnets is your very own affiliate marketing platform that makes you money by doing the marketing FOR YOU.

No more fumbling around with clunky or complicated page builders

Now you can use OUR proven bonus pages, products and marketing material to…

We’ve taken all the hard stuff out of being a profitable JVZoo affiliate in November of 2018 and beyond.

You’re Getting…

  • INSTANT AFFILIATE APPROVAL – No more waiting and hoping you get approved to promote. With Commission Magnets you are INSTANTLY APPROVED to promote our 7 core products that each convert over 7% of traffic into buyers AND net you between $1 and $3 PER VISITOR! This is awesome because most vendors typically shy away from affiliates that don’t already have a ton of sales and experience. With Commission Magnets you’re in like flynn!
  • SECRET JVZOO APPROVAL CODES – We’ve even negotiated instant approval for you with a bunch of our partners! Now Commission Magnet members get approval codes for an additional 19 products! You need this because now you’ll have a total of 26 products you can instantly start promoting and making money with! No more waiting and praying for affiliate approval.
  • 40 (YES FORTY) ORIGINAL BONUS PRODUCTS – This is an absolute no brainer because you are getting a huge variety of unique, valuable and ATTRACTIVE products to give away as incentives for people to BUY THROUGH YOU! You need this because it spares you months and months of hard work creating bonus products plus it saves you all the expensive costs involved with outsourcing such a product creation nightmare! We’ve already DONE IT FOR YOU.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CLOUD HOSTED BONUS PAGES – Your 7 DFY bonus pages aren’t just done for you they are also HOSTED FOR YOU! You WANT this because it spares you the aggravation of setting up a domain name, server settings and all that technical nonsense. Plus lets not forget the COSTS of having to pay for hosting. With commission magnets your hosting costs are zero.
  • DELIVERY DOCS – Your bonus products are already placed into beautiful PDF documents for easy deliverability to your customers. This is super convenient for you because the docs are easy to deliver right inside of JVZoo or via email so you never have to zip up bonuses or use file sharing networks to deliver them.

If you were to try and create this stuff yourself it would take you MONTHS of hard work. 

Even if you were to outsource the creation of this material it would easily cost you AT LEAST $197 per product. X 40 products = $7,880 in development. Thats just for the bonus products!

Commission Magnets contains all the DONE FOR YOU components you need to start earning commissions as soon as TODAY.

“And listen…. It’s Not About The List!”

Granted – having a list definitely helps. But it’s not necessary (we’ll show you our time tested FREE traffic-getting methods in the BONUS training course).

The richest affiliates online don’t have the biggest lists – they have the best strategy.

Like we do.

You’re ALSO Getting…

  • CLOUD HOSTED MONETIZED DOWNLOAD PAGES – You can send your customer direct to a download page instead of giving them a delivery doc. This is super smart because it enables you to advertise more products to your customers THROUGH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. We do all this for you automatically… zero work on your part.
  • HIGH PERFORMING TRAFFIC MATERIAL – Every one of your bonus pages comes with 6 professionally copy written post adverts and 6 proven emails to market with. That’s a total of 84 custom marketing pieces! This is such a huge benefit for you because you can focus on making money instead of writing and testing your own sales copy.
  • BUILT IN STATS AND TRACKING – You no longer need a scientific calculator to figure out exactly how your bonus page is performing and how much money you’re making. This is important because you won’t waste time and money on split testing or link cloaking software. The system connects to JVZoo FOR YOU and shows you exactly how your bonuses are performing!
  • FACEBOOK FRIENDLY AFFILIATE LINKS – No more banhammer from the social media titan. You can share your Commission Magnets links on Facebook without fear of reprise! This is super convenient AND protects your facebook account because direct linking to affiliate offers is frowned upon but Facebook likes Commission Magnet bonus pages!
  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND TRAINING – This training is the cherry on top of you perfect commission sundae. You can finally learn the “WHY” & “HOW” that has held you back for so long. These are a bonus – don’t worry you can start making commissions even BEFORE you watch the training. If you want to become a Commission Expert then watch the 5 modules at your leisure.
  • Each one of your Commission Magnets is easily customizable right in the members area. There’s nothing to it! If you can copy and paste YOU’RE OVERQUALIFIED!
  • Here’s how easily and seamlessly your magnets work…

You can just copy your bonus offer page URL and promote as is OR you can paste your own video link and headline to customize the page… Either way YOU EARN THE COMMISSIONS!

Take a look at all of your beautiful DONE FOR YOU bonus pages….

We are doing all of the marketing for you here. You’ve now got our time tested, high converting marketing material for each campaign right at your fingertips.

Emails & Adverts

Done For You material to promote the bonus to your audience.

Bonus Products

Done For You bonus products to give your buyers.

Delivery Doc

Done For You bonus delivery docs to uploaded to your JVZoo acct.

OP2 Bonus Page

Done For You OP2 template for each of your hosted bonus pages.

OP2 Download Page

Done For You OP2 template for each of your bonus download pages.

Its all right there for you …ready to ROCK! Just click to open, copy and DEPLOY! You’ve got a profit pulling total of 84 marketing pieces for all your Commission Magnets combined.


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