Chris Lim – The Viral Formula Masterclass


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Chris Lim - The Viral Formula Masterclass

Chris Lim – The Viral Formula Masterclass

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I Present To You

“The Viral Formula” Masterclass

($997 Value)

The Booklet Gives You the Keys To The Space Shuttle. The Masterclass Is The Full Manual On How To Fly The Space Shuttle.


Many have used this viral equation to generate more sales for their business. And it will do the same for you. But it is just a concept.


The masterclass goes into the detailed strategy with live examples behind every step on how I make products go viral and monetize them.


Maximize the formula’s potential and blow your business (and income) to a whole new level.

The masterclass is where I will be going deep into every step of the formula in detail, starting with…


Start off with the right materials for success

I will be revealing to you exactly how to research existing videos or shoot your videos using techniques that are proven to get you started with the best materials to work with.


Filtering Resources Secrets

We will go through how to select the best parts of each video with the highest potential of going viral and remove those that are bad. Bad parts are where viewers leave our videos so we need filter them out.


Planning Resources Strategically

Next, we will create a game plan on building the body of your viral videos so that it has the highest engagements. This is where we strategically make your viewers stay throughout your videos after they click the ‘Play’ button.


Video Enhancement Secrets

I will be revealing to you the exact steps on how you can strategically enhance your videos to make viewers really excited to like & share your videos while reaching for their credit cards, even if your product is really boring!


Monetise with our FB Hack!

On top of the strategies, you will be receiving the exact steps of the FBHack I personally use in order for you to monetize. This FBHack technique was invented by ourselves and I’ve never seen anyone else does this. This alone is going to change your business.


TVG Secret Strategy

This step is insane. Nobody else is doing this, other than those who have bought this. If you just implement this step, you would have earned your investment back multiple times. This step is how we created videos of 58 Million Views and record breaking ROI of 119.77. I can say no more 😉

You can either implement this yourself or pass it to a virtual assistant or team to have it done for you.

This is the exact system we use in house in order for me to build a 7-figure a month business, over 150 million views and monetize with my FBHack in a very strategic and systematized manner.

And if you order this masterclass today, we’ll also include some bonuses to help you make implementing these strategies we teach you even easier.


Here Are The Other 4 Bonuses

That You’ll Be Getting For FREE:

Bonus #1: The Viral Ad Testing Technique ($397 Value)

You’ll be getting the exact techniques that we personally use to test products and discover winners after winners using Facebook Ads at the lowest ad spend possible. Just copy our exact steps to discover your own winners that were losers for your competitors.

Bonus #2: The Viral Ad Scaling Technique ($997 Value)

Once you find your winners, you going to want to scale them up! We’ve found a certain factor in Viral Videos that can be used to be scaled to the moon using this Scaling Technique. This is where you can copy the exact steps and get insane ROAS to uncover 6 to 7 figures products.

Bonus #3: Process Workflow Secrets ($1,997 Value)

You’ll be receiving all of our exact steps to get The Viral Formula flowing without you having to be involved in any of the steps. The process flows and actual Trello Board that we share amongst the team to make sure deadlines are always met, and how you can have every product video up on time, every time. You will see when how we pass each step of the process on to the next step and how the team communicates with one another. It took us over a year to really get this process down into a well-oiled machine.

Bonus #4: Building Your Avengers Team ($497 Value)

I’ll be passing you the write ups on job roles, descriptions and responsibilities so that you can post them up on freelance websites to build your dream team.

This includes getting the right researcher, video editor, media buyer and project manager, that will get the work done for you at a very affordable investment, without the headaches of micro managing all of them. You will see that this thing pays for itself when you come to the step of monetization.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When

You Upgrade Your Order Right Now!


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