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Cat Howell - FB ads Academy

Cat Howell – FB ads Academy

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Unlock more time and revenue by plugging into the processes of an actual seven figure agency & own your niche!

Want to take your agency to the six figure/mth mark? Here’s what you’ll need…

There are a number of key processes that you need inside your agency in order to succeed, these are:

  1. Agency inbound marketing funnels for landing leads
  1. Service Document for pricing leads and services
  1. Sales scripts for pitching & landing high paying clients ($5K+)
  1. Client auditing to ensure quality control and scope
  1. Processes for Proposals and Contracts
  1. Client Onboarding for internal efficiencies & relationship building
  1. Scope of Work for effective project deployment
  1. Hiring systems to avoid costly HR mistakes
  1. Agency Tools and software for day to day operations
  1. Client Reporting process
  1. Profit and Loss set ups for a profitable & high value business
  1. Client testimonial & referral processes to propel your growth
  1. Fostering team culture and your own mindset for success!


Who The System Is For…

Freelancers & agency owners struggling to land high paying clients

Agency owners & freelancers who want to turn existing poor paying accounts into high value clients

Freelancers and agency owners who want to hire contractors and a team

Freelancers & agency owners who want more time on their hands

Agency owners who want to reduce operation costs and increase profit margins

Freelancers & agency owners who want to bypass the learning curve

Sneak Peak Into A Process …

These processes took me over 4 years to build!

Save time & money by plugging into them immediately!

You’ll get access to all of the SOPs as well as mentorship and hands-on support to help ensure you implement these seamlessly inside your own agency.

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