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By using this tested and proven system you won’t only feel more confident and authentic during your sales conversations

Bryan Franklin & Jennifer Russell – Client Mastery

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What exactly will joining Client Mastery do for your coaching practice?:

01 Exponentially increase your income

By using this tested and proven system you won’t only feel more confident and authentic during your sales conversations and free consultations, you’ll also be able to close way more deals and exponentially increase your income! Happy clients have reported back to us that they convert 80% of their casual conversations into paying clients after joining Client Mastery — and so will you!

02 Sign on only the ideal clients for you

Being a coach you know how crucial it is to work with the RIGHT people. When you learn how to sell based on true human connection and with love and authenticity, you will attract the perfect clients for your personal practice: The ones who are willing and able to pay what you’re worth and not just the price shoppers who are looking for the next best deal.

03 No more undervaluing your services or undercharging because of the fear of rejection

Nobody likes to hear “no”. But when you join Client Mastery, you won’t let the fear of rejection stop you from selling your services anymore. On the contrary: You’ll know exactly how to handle your prospect’s objections (and excuses!) and will be able to charge what you’re worth without feeling guilty or ashamed.

04 Gain confidence and get new clients with ease

How can somebody trust you and buy from you if they can tell you’re nervous and insecure? (Hint: Not at all!) Having a reliable system in place will give you the confidence you need to get new clients with joy and ease. Your prospects will be able to feel your confidence and respond to it by trusting you, believing in you and your services and buying from you with a smile on their face.

05 Get loyal customers for life

Client Mastery focuses on building solid, lasting relationships between you and your clients so that they see you as their one and only go-to person. And once the connection is established, they’ll happily come back to you again and again… and again.

06 Enjoy the process and have fun

You’ll be surprised how relaxed, easy and fun your sales conversations can actually be when you use our low-pressure sales method. When you know exactly what to say, how and when to say it and even what to do when things go slightly different than planned… you have absolutely nothing to worry about and can focus on providing true value to your clients. It’s a win-win situation!

07 Repeat!

Client Mastery is a proven and tested formula that dramatically increases sales for Fortune 1000 companies – and it will do the same for you! You can repeat it over and over again and you’ll discover that you just keep getting better at it!


Client Mastery – The Natural Art of Attracting and Converting Prospects to Clients in 3-Simple Steps is a highly effective training designed to get you maximum results within minimum time. We cut through the masses of sales content out there to give you the exact systems, scripts and tools you need as a coach. Not more, not less! You get:

  • 3 in-depth training videos that take you by the hand and walk you through the 3 simple steps of attracting and converting prospects to clients – so that you can easily apply the strategies to your coaching practice and start closing sales right away
  • easy-to-complete action worksheets for every video lesson so that you can instantly put your knowledge into practice and master the content within less than 5 minutes per exercise
  • a thriving community of 100+ students so that you can hold each other accountable, accelerate the learning process and make valuable business connections along the way
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What you will get in the self-paced home study video course, “Client Mastery: The Natural Art of Attracting and Converting Prospects into Clients”


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