Brko Banks – How to Make Money on Youtube


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Brko Banks – How to Make Money on Youtube

Brko Banks – How to Make Money on Youtube

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If you watch my Brko Banks youtube channel, than you already know that about 80% of my income comes from youtube. Last month alone , with just one of mine youtube channels, I have made $5,000 with adsense and $27,058 with other promotions on that same channel. Also, you need to know that youtube channel doesn’t get millions of views and it has only ~20.000 subscribers.

I don’t care if your goal is to earn some extra cash, to quit your 9 to 5 job, to travel more or to buy lamborghini. I only know that I can show you the right way to achieve them. I am making money online since 2013 and I have never looked back. I can work from anywhere in the World, all i need is my lap top and internet connection.

In this course, you are going to learn:

– How to create your youtube channel

– How pick right niche for your channel

– How to create content for your youtube channel *No you don’t need to show your face or even record videos!*

– How to upload your videos the right way

– How to optimize your videos to rank on youtube and get views

– How to grow your youtube channel

– How to create amazing youtube thumbnails

– How to 10x your CPM

– Witch softwares I use to create content

– MOST IMPORTANTLY HOW TO BUILD 4 STREAMS OF INCOME FROM 1 YOUTUBE CHANNEL ( Most of the people monetize their youtube channel with just 1 stream of income, adsense.)

+ BONUS 1: You will get my e-mail, so you can contact me anytime. You can ask anything you want a guy who make hundreds of thousands of dollars online, how cool is that? You can’t get this opportunity every day.

+ BONUS 2: You will get access to facebook group, where students can help and meet each other.

+ BONUS 3: You will get lifetime access to the course, so when I upload bonus videos to the course you will get access to them for free.

Class Curriculum

First Section

Introduction & Contact Information (1:43)

  • Step 1 (1:54)
  • Step 2 (4:21)
  • Step 3 (3:08)
  • Step 4 (4:18)
  • Step 5 (2:59)
  • Step 6 (2:01)
  • Step 7 (4:25)
  • Step 8 (2:58)
  • Step 9 (12:16)
  • Step 10 (4:50)
  • Step 11 (2:53)
  • Step 12 (8:35)
  • Step 13 (1:23)
  • Step 14 (2:33)
  • Step 15 (1:57)
  • Bonus (7:16)


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