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Brittany Berger – Build Your Own VA

Brittany Berger – Build Your Own VA

Price: $197


You’re a creative entrepreneur or freelancer who doesn’t have enough time to be creative anymore.

Solopreneurship has started to suck. And THAT sucks.

But it doesn’t need to.

You solo biz should make you wanna happy dance every single day

So, what if your biz was more like this…

  • You don’t have to waste your own time on those admin tasks that crush your soul (you know the ones) until you have a big team to help you out.
  • You’re crazypants organized and completely on top of your biz, instead of drowning in unread emails and Slack messages.
  • The systems running your biz are #flawless (they woke up like this, they woke up like this )
  • And it’s all managed by *easy to use* tools and apps instead of you or your VA, freeing up your time to make that money.
  • Build Your Own VA is a self-paced training to help you master workflow automation apps, set your admin systems on autopilot, and say “girl, bye” to boring biz shiz once & for all!

Build Your Own VA is a self-paced training to help you master workflow automation apps, set your admin systems on autopilot, and say “girl, bye” to boring biz shiz once & for all!

You’ll learn how to use workflow automation tools to slay your systems, tackle your to-do list, and become a freaking queen of productivity.

By the end of the training, you’ll be able to:

  • “Outsource” blog admin and promotion to grow your traffic and audience passively while you’re off creating new stuff somewhere. From uploading new blog posts to sharing on social, you’ll have automation on point.
  • Offload the most annoying and time-consuming parts of online business admin. Stop spending time managing your inbox to tracking your income.
  • Save hours per week on client admin like onboarding and invoicing so you can spend more time on work that *actually* pays.
  • Make any two (or more) biz apps talk to each other and build supersonic chain reactions of productivity!
  • Save money on VAs by outsourcing *only* the most important tasks (like copywriting and customer service) to your human “IRL” team members. Put the low energy copy-and-paste tasks like social media scheduling on autopilot.
  • Avoid tech overwhelm, make your apps as “hands off” as possible, and learn how to use tools that work with the systems you already have.

And here’s the best part…you don’t need to use a ramalama-zillion apps to get there!

Build Your Own VA focuses on the “core four” automations apps – the most powerful ones that can help you automate anything

Instead of using one app for email marketing automation, and another for email outreach automation, and another for client onboarding, and another and another and another…

Replace your dozens of random apps with “up for anything” unicorn tools like IFTTT and Zapier to connect all the tools you’re already using.

In BYOVA, you’ll become BFFs with:

  • IFTTT: create simple, 1-step automations for your business and personal life in 2 minutes or less – no experience required.
  • Zapier: get really crazy and automate full systems and workflows (like building your own custom integrations!
  • Alfred: launch any file or workflow from your app in a single keystroke, create custom keyboard shortcuts, and use canned responses anywhere.
  • Workflow: basically create your own iOS app without writing a single script or code (ya, really) to automate processes on your smartphone

Don’t know where to start? NBD. Gotcha covered.

We’ll also talk about the strategy behind automation, so you know exactly:

  • How to perform a productivity audit to figure out what you’re wasting your time on
  • The best kinds of tasks to automate
  • When to automate and when something needs your fabulous self involved
  • Which other time management tactics to use with automation to make the most of it

All of the sudden, you’ll know exactly what to streamline and how to get back to doing the things you wanna do.

Start building your own VA today for just $149 – aka the equivalent of 3-5 hours of working with a VA you can tolerate in the creative niche.

BYOVA is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a solopreneur who can’t start new projects because you’re drowning in day-to-day maintenance
  • You’re a freelance creative that stresses over landing new clients because of all the boring (and unbillable) admin involved in onboarding.
  • You’re a rockstar infopreneur whose admin has taken the passive out of passive income and made launch weeks utter hell.
  • You’re a VA who wants to take on more work (oh hey, retainer!) without working more hours maintaining your clients’ email and social media.
  • Your solo biz is slaying so hard that your VA needs her own VA and you’re both looking for any hacks and tricks you can find.
  • The number of apps and tools it takes to run an online biz makes you want to breathe into a paper bag.
  • Your systems are kiiiinda there, but they’re scattered and you’re not totally sure they’re real systems.


What’s Included:


to all videos, cheat sheets, and bonuses (and any future updates)


Download cheat sheets for every lesson to help you use each app

Bonus cheat sheets for each automation app – your new time-saving best friends!


Get access to my signature workbook for free!

Free copy of The Productivity Power-Up Workbook, full of over 50 questions and exercises to audit + optimize your productivity


Figure out and prioritize the automations that will save YOUR biz the most

“Getting Started” workbook to plan out your biz’s first automations


to help you implement new automations faster!

Free templates + shortcuts to help you save time building out and implementing your automations

Class Curriculum


Welcome Letter

“Summer Reading”

Module 1: Intro to Automation

Module 1 Intro (1:03)

Understanding Automation (8:13)

Getting Started (10:03)

Leveling Up Your Workflows (1:00)

Module 1 Cheat Sheet

Module 2: Learning Basics With IFTTT

Module 2 Intro

How It Works (8:09)

Best Tasks to Use IFTTT For

50+ IFTTT Recipes for Solopreneurs

Module 2 Cheat Sheet

Module 2 Homework


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