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Ben Adkins – Closer Cafe

Ben Adkins – Closer Cafe

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Presenting the Community that Helps You Navigate the Challenges of Building a Successful Facebook Marketing Agency…

Your Step-by-Step System for Building, and Scaling a Facebook Marketing Agency

Keep Reading to See Exactly Why THIS IS DIFFERENT than any Other Facebook Masterclass You’ve Ever Seen.

The Problem With Trying to Build a Business Around Facebook.

1.You want to start a Facecbook marketing agency

2.You buy the lastest Online Courses

3.You have a bit of success with what you learned

4.You hit a roadblock and Business Growth Stalls

5.You have no one to help you figure out your next step

We Fix That Inside of Closer’s Cafe with access to a Team of Experts and a Proven Path for Successfully Growing Your Agency.

What’s Inside of Closer’s Cafe?

(all of these areas are constantly updated with to stay Compliant with Facebook’s Latest Changes)

Closer’s Cafe Area 1:

One of the main reasons that people fail when starting a Facebook agency is that they start by offering high ticket services to businesses right out of the gate. Those same services require an amount of hands on time that makes rapid scaling virtually impossible without a team. Our Social Content and Scheduling Masterclass will teach you how to create an agency using services that you can automate and that naturally lend themselves to the higher ticket upsell services.

Inside Area 1 You’ll Learn How to:

  • Understand Your Audience’s Real Needs
    We will walk you through the 11 highly profitable local industries recommended you target this year with this service. Not only do these types of businesses need help with their social media, but they are the types of businesses that allow you to scale your business and not have to spend too much time servicing one client. AKA: These are the “rinse and repeat” niches.
  • How to Find the Ideal Local Clients
    Not all clients are created equal. We’ll show you exactly what you need to look for before you ever reach out to a potential “Social Content and Scheduling” Client. This is going to save you hours of your time.
  • New Client Ice Breakers & Scripts
    Simply put… you’re never going to have trouble reaching out and talking to a new potential client again. I’ll show you exactly how I do it and exactly how I do it in an hour a week using both online and in person tactics. I’ll also show you how to intelligently follow up after you initially break the ice (this one part is enough of a reason to sign up).
  • How to Provide the Social Content & Scheduling Service
    This section is the game changer. We’ll show you how to provide the service and, more importantly, how to do it in a way that allows you to have tons of clients without adding extra work to your week. This is as close to “set it and forget it” as you’re going to get.
  • The Client Onboarding Path
    This is so important and it’s the reason why I keep my clients paying me month after month. I’ll show you how to set a client up to know exactly what to expect and what they are getting… and what they should do if they have any questions or concerns along the way. This makes a client comfortable with the process and keeps them paying month after month. (and sending new business my way)
  • How to Scale to 100 Clients this year
    Face it. Most businesses don’t lend themselves to scaling to 100 clients. If you set up your systems correctly, however, 100 clients isn’t that much extra work (it’s just more income). We’ll show you exactly how to scale to 100 Social Media Content Clients… The Right Way.
  • What to Upsell your Monthly Clients (and When)
    You didn’t think we were just going to make the $99-299/month fee did you? Nope. We’ll show you exactly what I offer clients as an upsell and how you can scale your clients past the monthly fee (this is how you go from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure business fast.)
  • The Secret Service that’ll Open Up 100k for you this year.
    Once you see what is in store for the upcoming year, you’re going to see exactly why this is the business you need to throw all your effort into. We’ll show you a powerful resource that is going to make your “Social Content and Scheduling” business a powerhouse this year.
  • Make Money with This System without doing the Service
    Yes… It’s finally going to be possible. We’ll show you exactly how to make money selling the Social Content and Scheduling Service…. even if you don’t want to actually perform the service yourself.

Once you get through Area 1 of Closer’s Cafe you’ll be Ready to go out and Close Your First Local Client.

Closer’s Cafe Area 2:

Building Your Ad Agency

In this Advanced Area of Closer’s Cafe we’ll dive in deep scaling your agency by offering Facebook ads as a high ticket service. This is definitely not for the newbie agency owner. Running Facebook ads comes with an entirely different set of obstacles to overcome when using it as a business model. (And it’s a harder service to sell to cold prospects.) But, by first offering services from Area 1, you lay the perfect foundation for a natural upsell to Facebook ads. (In fact, most clients will ask YOU if you offer it after you crush the social stuff.)

Inside Area 2 You’ll Master:

  • Choosing an Industry to Serve
    Learn how to choose local industries that based on the LTV of their customers. (This will help you establish your pricing.)
  • The Exact Way We Service Local Ad Clients
    (Funnels, Jaw Dropping Offers, & Ads explained)
  • How to Prospect for Potential Clients (Icebreakers)
    This is where you will learn how to position yourself in front of prospective clients, and break the ice so that you don’t have to cold pitch your services.
  • How to Pitch & Close Local Clients
    Learn Ben’s proven process for pitching (and closing) your agency service, so that they are willing to take a chance on you, even if you have no results to show them.
  • How to Formally Setup a U.S. Based Business
    If your agency is something that you want to take seriously, and take out of hobby status, there are a few things you need to consider. In this video, you will learn some of the things that you will need to get into place before scaling too far. It’s the least sexy part of the training, but will save you tons of headache and money, if you do it sooner rather than later.

Inside of this area of Closer’s Cafe you’ll become a master at providing Facebook ads as a high ticket service for Local lead generation. This is what separates the professionals from those that lose money on FB Ads.


But Wait… We’ve Not Even Covered the Best Part of Closer’s Cafe.

You’re Also Getting Access to our Growing “Resource & Tool Library”

One or More of These will be Delivered to the Members Area Every Month (we’ll email you every time they land).

Downloadable Training Guides

Get Exclusive Access to all of our step-by-step training guides in a printable form.

These guides will help you navigate some of the tiny hurdles you may face while building your agency.

This includes guides for learning how to price your agency services, effective client icebreakers, the FB ad maturing technique, using real time and trending events and accessing a client’s Facebook page.

We make sure to have every tool you need at each stage of growth in your business.

Expert Interviews and Case Studies

We often invite a other Facebook Experts in to show you some amazing things that are working in their business right now. This is something that most companies don’t have access to (Fearless Social has exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s best).

We have interviewed people who sell physical products, digital products, memberships, software, and local business products. You’ll get full access to their behind the scenes presentation so you can mimic what’s working for them.

This will allow you to stay on the cutting edge and to get multiple views of what’s working. This ensures that you’re not just learning from how we use Facebook strategies at Fearless Social. You’ll be learning from multiple real world Experts.

Agency Growth Strategy Sessions

Once you’ve built the foundation of your agency using Social Content and Scheduling and then selling them with higher ticket Ad services, you’ll want to check out the agency growth strategies.

This is years worth of research and hard work at your fingertips. Included in this section of the Library are video training sessions on how to:

Get Your First 5 Clients in 10 Days

Setting Up Your Payment Processor

How to Get More Clients by Speaking at Civic Organization Meetings

And more…

The Closer’s Cafe Live Mastermind

As long as you’re a subscriber you’ll get access to the Live Closer’s Cafe Group. You’ll get to interact with other Closer’s Cafe Members as well as ask questions about growing your agency or serving your clients and…

… Get Answers Fast.

You’ll Get the Full Power of all of the Closer’s Cafe Experts at Your Disposal.

This alone is worth the full price that you’ll pay to be a part of Closer’s Cafe.

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