Amanda Dobson – SMS Squeeze Strategy


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Amanda Dobson – SMS Squeeze Strategy

Amanda Dobson – SMS Squeeze Strategy

Price: $497

Quickly and Easily Automate SMS Text Messaging Campaigns To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Promo Revenue – In 7 Days
 or Less – Without Increasing Your Ad Budget by a Single Dollar

SMS Marketing Changed EVERYTHING!

I Created The SMS Squeeze Strategy,
The First SMS Course of Its Kind

With my extensive experience with SMS, I created the SMS Squeeze Strategy…

The most effective strategy to diversify your communication channels and add a major boost to your bottom line without spending more on ads OR adding new email subscribers to your list.

The Squeeze Strategy covers ALL of your bases…

  • A breakdown of SMS platforms, how to choose, how to implement and how to scale…
  • A strategy that is guaranteed to pump in extra money, even while you sleep.
  • Compliance and the players involved – because making money is fun…getting sued is NOT.
  • Best practices, tips and advice for creating a profitable SMS campaign that your subscribers actually WANT to receive and much more…

The results of the SMS Squeeze Strategy have brought millions of dollars in revenue for my clients, allowing them to:

  • Spend more to acquire a customer – practically eliminating their competition
  • Increase their LTV – so that they can re-invest more into their businesses to scale quickly, without cash flow stress
  • Diversify their marketing strategy, so that they are protected from any email issues that come their way
  • Enjoy more of their business – The SMS strategies within the Squeeze system allows you to set up automated campaigns that make you money while you sleep, so you can focus on other parts of the business.

The Alternatives To The SMS Squeeze Strategy Suck…

Look, you could keep doing what you’ve always done…relying on email, watching your revenue plateau and watching your competitor get ahead.

Or you could try something different and proven…

Now, If you don’t see the value in:

  • 3-5x higher conversion rates
  • 97% open rates
  • 35% average click through rates 
  • 6x higher earnings per subscriber

…Then this course isn’t for you…

BUT if you know that real profitability in your business comes from the follow up…

…and from the amount of opportunities you have to make more money from your buyers…

Then You Have 2 Clear Choices

  1. Keep doing things the way you have been and remain frustrated, held hostage and simply get use to stagnant revenue and unpredictable results…Don’t be surprised when your competitor finds the program first and watch them scale…


  1. Take the SMS Squeeze System and start creating your own profitable sms campaigns, selling up to 10X more products & services and never worry about sales ever again.

This Is The Most Comprehensive, Profitable SMS System EVER

Inside You’ll Discover How To… 

  • Implement SMS and start sending messages immediately
  • Create a comprehensive monetization strategy that will keep the money rolling in
  • Create automated cart abandon campaigns to recover otherwise lost orders
  • Navigate all of the compliance guidelines, making sure your program is sustainable
  • Gather SMS leads along with your email opt in with virtually no impact on your conversion rates
  • Choose the right platform, so that all of your needs are met
  • PLUS, I’ll show you how to optimize your offers for mobile, giving your users the best experience possible (leading to higher conversions)
  • Plus SO much more…

Plus, over $1000 in Bonuses…

Bonus #1

15 Copy and Paste SMS Campaign Templates – Unlimited Value
 You’ll be able to get started immediately with pre-written campaigns that are tested and proven.

Bonus #2

Mobile Optimization Checklist – Get your offers ready for a mobile audience for a better user experience and ultimately more sales – Valued at $197

Bonus #3 

SMS Quick Start Implementation Tutorial – Valued at $97
 Make sure you don’t miss any crucial steps, so that your automated campaigns perform flawlessly and make you money while you sleep.

Bonus #4

Seven Level Profits Community Access – Valued at $997 
You’ll get access to the private Seven Level Profits community. It’s packed full of business owners and marketers just like you. You can ask questions, get advice or take a look at what other people inside of the community are doing. Plus, I’ll be in there sharing new tricks and strategies with you as I come across them, so you’re always ahead of the crowd.

Bonus #5

How to Get The Digits – Sign up to SMS Squeeze today, and get up to 500 FREE SMS credits from Call Loop, so that you can implement what you learn and start making money right away! PLUS You’ll get their guide on “How to Get The Digits”, so that you can easily start building your SMS list!


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